Vox testing

The most famous oil spill in Bells Corners was on the land around the Vox, but there have been other ones too.

The Vox Fox councillor wanted us to believe that another hotel or some condos were about to spring up on the site, but in reality the land hasn’t even been sold yet – maybe the contaminated toxic soil has something to do with it?

Some Bells Corners residents were excited by the fence that was put up around the site this week and the presence of heavy equipment digging away – was it not a Rick whopper after all? Is something actually happening on the Vox site?

Relax everybody, it’s just some guys digging down deep to get some soil samples to see how far the toxic sludge extends.

They’re not having a picnic – this is where the vials of soil samples are stored.

Meanwhile, next door in the trailer park, the plot is thickening rapidly. An intrepid senior journalist from one of the community papers has been sleuthing in the park, talking to residents and park management to find out what’s really behind the 42 eviction notices and the strongarm tactics.

One of the elderly low-income residents recently threatened with eviction by Parkbridge Inc. has thrown in the towel and is already gone, but some of the others are overcoming their fear and fighting back.

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