mystery photos 15

Who? Where? Why? When? (answers)
Bazaar/bake sale at the Westcliffe community building for the Eileen Tallman Housing Co-op

BIA chair’s Electrical & Plumbing Store

Rick scares the bejeebers out of the trailer park residents by telling them (falsely) that they are about to be evicted by one of his developer friends

A huge crowd waited for over an hour on Saturday at Franco-ouest for someone to open up the building for Chinese school. The guy who was supposed to bring the key didn’t show and, since it wasn’t his first screw-up, will be fired by the school board.

Cleaning up the Hydro/FreshCo litter

St. Martin de Porres was born in Peru to the son of a Spanish knight and a slave woman. When he grew up he (reportedly) started to perform miracles!

A spot on one of the AMAZING Bells Corners greenbelt bike trails

Anglican church

How NOT to ride on the bike-taxi

Ceremony to bless the new front entrance to the 50-year-old Catholic church, constructed by DeMarco Construction Ltd.


Bells Corners quarry near the funeral home – stones were used to build this place

This guy picked up some eggs and other groceries at the FreshCo on his way home to Kanata. He regularly cycles the strip and is NOT a fan of Rick’s million-dollar anti-cycling boondoggle.

Waiting for a fare outside of Marty’s Bar & Grill

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