website to nowhere

Rick’s website has been more or less down ever since the election last year.

All it usually had was contact info (sometimes with bogus telephone numbers!) so that constituents can leave messages that are unlikely to ever be returned.

For the longest time the entire website for College ward was a long-winded and convoluted justification for renaming the strip as Lloyd Francis Boulevard.

The councillor’s popularity in Bells Corners has plummeted ever since the Save Robertson group and Earl McRae pointed out that Emperor Rick has no clothes – how can anything he says be believed after he was caught inventing Don Robertson?

To try to make people forget about his misdeeds Rick is going on the attack, promising to flood the ward with taxpayer-funded glossy “newsletters” extolling his virtues.

He has also revamped his website, turning it into a paean to the wannabe world’s longest-serving career politician.

One example – his favourite trick is to imply that all good things that happen in the ward are somehow due to his wheeling and dealing, even DND moving to the west end! If you can believe his website, IKEA was on the verge of moving out of College ward, but after “many discussions” (he implies that he had a hand in arranging them) they saw the light and revised their plan. What a whopper!

There is as much truth in this as there is in Rick’s claim that he deserves the credit for the Vox going down, or for Tim Hortons and Rexall building new double-double drive-thrus.

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2 Responses to website to nowhere

  1. TonyL1 says:

    Actually there is a RC webpage there, but I had to stop reading it after seeing this…

    “Right after the most recent election, Bells Corners finally fell within his jurisdiction and Rick has begun an ambitious program to renew Bells Corners for residents and businesses. It is already producing positive results.”

    – Craig is amused by the way Rick writes his blog in the third person. He thinks that Rick does it because it makes him look a little bit less boastful – “Rick succeeded in getting the Vox demolished” seems less conceited than “I succeeded in getting the Vox demolished.”

    Craig thinks that Rick has a strange perception of time – he’s been the ward boss in Bells Corners since 2006, not since “the most recent election.”

  2. margaret says:

    did it really say that ?
    I like ….. “College …. is a city ward in Ottawa, Canada’s west end
    I know we live in BC but didn’t think it was THAT BC

    think the banner on this section of the blog should be removed … considering what happened to the ‘face’ …. in case there’s a jinks of some sort out there …. just sayin ….

    – You’ve got a point about the banner hijinks. I’ll change Rick’s avatar.

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