mystery photos 14

Who? Where? Why? When? (answers)

The Vikings from Collège catholique Franco-Ouest just defeated their opponents in a soccer match – the guy flashing the #1 symbol scored the winning goal!

the mother of all oil spills in Bellwood being cleaned up – hope the owner had insurance!

the widow-walk at Carstar bodyshop (originally Duff’s)

two-story garage in Lynwood Village – reliable sources say that Bill Teron himself once lived and parked his sailing yacht here!

Fortress Westcliffe (Westcliffe community building)

Lynwood community building

Lynwood split-level

Bellwood home

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5 Responses to mystery photos 14

  1. Rich Littleton says:

    Sports field off Seyton Drive, Bellwood Park contaminated soil removal, belfry on Bell Mews Plaza, Bill Teron’s House with sail yacht garage

    – You’re wrong about the belfry – it’s NOT the Bells Mews plaza.

    • margaret says:

      is that double garage on Stinson ? can’t imagine Bill Teron living and parking his yacht there as it’s not been there THAT long …. used to be a yacht on Virgil too in the 80s

      amazing at how little you really notice in the neighbourhood … unless it is a blight to the eye

      and talking of blight to the eye …… hear that the BIA is putting in bridge signs on Moodie and Richmond – oh my …. wonder what we will have plastered across the bridges … hope it’s tasteful and that the community has some say in it this time …

      just can’t stand these advertising signs that have been allowed to pop-up all over the place … an environmental blight !!! … it will be flashing lights next

      – It does seem odd that someone as mega-rich as Bill Teron would live in Lynwood Village, but the person who told me that his yacht once parked there is a pretty reliable source. Mr. Teron’s place in Kanata is worth considerably more than a Lynwood Village home.

      Last time I talked to him was at City Hall, after the Lloyd Francis Boulevard renaming was rushed through Council – Bill spoke in favour of Rick’s nefarious plan and was beaming with delight that Rick had rammed it through.

      Are they putting signs on the bridges or painting murals on them (which was the original plan)?

  2. TonyL1 says:

    I’m pretty sure banners will be going on the bridges (I guess sometime before the 2014 election) and they’ll probably depict a elephant crossing a bridge with a plug for the BIA – maybe a couple of tulips too or a picture of a phantom condo…

  3. Charles Dangler says:

    ‘margaret’, I’m amazed that you are so critical of such a beautiful “blight to the eye”. I genuinely hope we can acquire something as striking as that on our bridges. Is the BIA doing this? Kudos x 10 if they are, however why only Moodie and Richmond? I want one on the really ugly bridge near Westcliffe. Are we actually going to say we prefer the rust and mayhem/ graffiti that are there right now?

    I agree ‘margaret’, I would like to be consulted on what’s being placed up there representing our community; however I certainly don’t have a problem with the concept. (If that’s what it is. I did however hear that they were to be painted)

    • margaret says:

      the blight is the big ad billboards that have sprung up, not only at the bridge crossings but also within the strip and this could be another if it’s not done right

      agree Charles – rusting, graffiti-clad, anti-pigeon netted bridges are also an eyesore but if something other than painting is done then I hope it is not more advertising … and the community needs to be part of the consulting process

      there’s been far too much going on recently where the community has not had any input, and this could be another example if we are not careful, and it’s ever since the BIA was formed, it’s as though that is the only important component of Bells Corners …. well sorry folks, it’s not just businesses that count in BC – there are 10,000 people who LIVE here 24/7 too

      the above bridge sample isn’t too bad, but if it’s going to advertise coke, corn flakes or fido etc …. then no – that is when it becomes blight like the billboards and I for one don’t want it

      whatever goes there is going to be there for a LONG time so it needs to be well thought out from the start …. remember the Ottawa slogan …. “technically beautiful” and how that bombed !

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