sidewalk to nowhere doesn’t lead to Zellers

The sidewalk to nowhere still leads to nowhere but it takes longer to get there.

After the most recent work pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchairs and moms pushing strollers now have an extra few seconds on a real sidewalk before being dumped into traffic.

I’m not complaining – some sidewalk is better than no sidewalk.

This is the third time they’ve changed the sidewalk plan – wonder why? Only the councillor and his cronies know for sure and they’re not talking.

In other local news, it’s becoming clear that Target is NOT planning to convert the Bells Corners Zellers into a Target store. Apparently the employees have been told they’re got until Christmas and then it’s up to the landlord (Loblaws) to either shut it down or find another tenant for the former K-Mart outlet. Local employees can apply to catch on with a Target store elsewhere in the region or hope that something else opens up in Bells Corners or at Bayshore.

Vito Pilieci: Target paid $1.825 billion in January to acquire the leasehold interests of 220 Zellers store locations, almost all of the company’s stores, in a deal with the owner of Hudson’s Bay Co.

Included on Friday’s list were the iconic Sparks Street Mall Zellers and a store at Les Galeries Gatineau on Maloney Boulevard, although there is no guarantee Target will actually open in those locations. The Sparks Street store, considered by many analysts to be too small for Target’s needs, has been a fixture in downtown Ottawa since 1932.

Leases for a Zellers at Gloucester Centre and another in Hawkesbury are among 39 Target will transfer to rival retailer Walmart Stores in a deal also announced Friday.

The Ottawa locations join previously announced potential stores at Bayshore Shopping Mall, St. Laurent Shopping Centre, Billings Bridge Plaza, Hazeldean Mall, Place d’Orléans and the Meadowlands Shopping Centre, as well as a store in the County Fair Mall in Smiths Falls.

Left off Target’s list are a Zellers location on Robertson Road in Bells Corners, two others in Gatineau and stores in Pembroke, Cornwall and Brockville. Those stores are likely to be sold off to other Canadian retailers.

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6 Responses to sidewalk to nowhere doesn’t lead to Zellers

  1. margaret says:

    happy thanksgiving
    we might not have everything in Bells Corners but we have a lot to be thankful for
    and that’s why we still live here and others want to come here and live

    • margaret says:

      walked the sidewlk to nowhere today … Rexall is really different … light and open and great bargains … might even try the drive-through tomorrow

      and a bonus … you don’t have to walk through the ‘stinks’ to get to the rest of the place … this is what I hate about Shoppers having to enter through the cosmetic section and run holding your nose

  2. Anonymous says:

    A bit confused- what’s replacing Zellers? More condos or is Loblaws going big? Or… something else?

    – My best guess is that Loblaws will have a hard time finding tenants and won’t consider expanding, so the former Zellers/K-Mart space will be boarded up, adding to the excess commercial space in Bells Corners.

    Some mixed development including affordable housing units would be great, but the councillor’s car-centric master plan is all about rewarding his cronies.

    Remember the good old days, when Rick vowed, as an electoral promise, to do something about the 17 boarded-up businesses on the strip? After spending LOTS of tax dollars on his ill-considered strategy the amount of vacant space on the strip has just about doubled. Go, Rick, go!

  3. sba says:

    Bells Corners is filled with Tim Hortons and hotels – it’s ridiculous! Half the time I have to drive out of BC to actually get anything that I need.

    I wish someone would open either a Walmart or a Superstore like the one in Kanata – now that would be perfect! I never wanted to move out of this area but now I am sure thinking about it.

    I loved Zellers: a walk down with the kids do my shopping, buy the kids clothes, go for lunch – it was a nice little outing! I became very close with the people there.

    Too bad Target won’t be taking it over. Let’s hope Loblaws does something good with it.

  4. Bayboy says:

    Zeller’s will be reopening on April 3rd as a fashion and home furnishings outlet for the Hudson’s Bay Company according to ads in the Ottawa Metro.

  5. MomToThree says:

    I hear you @sba – my kids love the Bells Corners Co-op Nursery School – they love it, so I won’t pull them out), but I’m glad they offer longer programs than most places – gives me extra time to travel out of Bells Corners!
    Good to hear something has filled the Zellers void.

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