Mr. Big lays an egg (part 1)

I was wrong when I said that Mr. Big was coming to Bells Corners to offer some sort of apology to the community (or at least throw us a bone in the form of some funding for the skateboard park). Nope, all we got was a boring self-laudatory political speech that didn’t mention a single Bells Corners issue.

Jim is a great public speaker when he wants to be, but a small audience of Westcliffers obviously didn’t inspire him to bring his A game. He did not come bearing gifts, unless you count the pack of handlers fartcatchers wannabe politicians taxpayer-funded ‘aides’ who follow politicians around wherever they go. (Rick, with his paltry $233,874-a-year office budget, only gets to hire 4 or 5 staffers, while Jim’s $778,000 allowance gets him both more and better minions.)

It had become crystal clear that most residents and businesses were opposed to Rick’s strip renaming folly, even while the councillor falsely claimed that he had consulted the residents, the businesses, the Bells Corners community associations, (even John Robertson’s great-great-grandson!) and EVERYBODY was delighted to blow hundreds of thousands of dollars to make businesses and residents pay for changing their addresses so that the strip could be renamed for a Liberal politician.

After the councillor backed down and proposed a sneakycompromise” the mayor had a choice – support the Bells Corners community or hold his nose and support Rick’s arrogance?

Backroom political deals or accountable democracy – guess what Jim chose?

Politicians count on people to forget, they count on apathy, they count on their six-figure spin doctors to bamboozle average joes/jills, they count on their the big-money boys/girls who finance their war chests, so it really wasn’t a hard choice for our Liberal mayor.

Plus, by saving Rick’s butt, he racks up a BIG IOU – Rick owes him big-time.

I guess politics means never having to say you’re sorry – Rick didn’t apologize for all the whoppers he told and Jim won’t apologize for betraying Bells Corners.

I may have been banned from the meeting, but an agent in disguise managed to smuggle in a tiny camera hidden in his boutonniere, so the gentle reader can look forward to a full report on the shenanigans that went on both inside and outside of the Westcliffe community building.

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3 Responses to Mr. Big lays an egg (part 1)

  1. margaret says:

    I want one of those boutonnieres –
    takes a better pic than my regular camera !

    yes it was an interesting meeting in as much as JW only had Lansdowne and Light Rail ….
    both he and RC had nothing to offer BC for the future … only ‘this is what I have done’ elsewhere …. RC’s talk was mostly about Centrepointe …. sorry folks – we live in BC – Kanata is closer to us than Centrepointe

    woe is me …… I lie … what was I thinking ….. we got new sidewalks and weeds on Richmond and traffic lights at Timm (who needed those? certainly not BC ) … and we had boarded up shops the VOX and Hooters ….. and now we’ve got DND coming close by – to save us …. thank you John Baird

    and they forgot all about the tulips

    – Who can forget the tulips? I thought it was a pretty amazing community event, sort of like the BIA/CTV community/media event but without the cool swag. They were also missing Tiny Tim tiptoeing through the tulips with Alex.

  2. Jim Watson is likely more at fault than Rick when it comes to the road issue. Jim Watson and Bob Chiarelli are the ones who were close to the Francis family not Rick. Rick often claimed that he didn’t like the Francis family and multiple times when discussing the road he said “with the Mayor’s permission” which is a very strange statement for someone like Rick. The explanation that makes the most sense is that the road was a Bob Chiarelli and Jim Watson production and Rick was just the person charged with the execution.

    Jim Watson was way too invested in the road outcome and he handled it horribly. Much like he has when disappointed with decisions in other areas. He is a whiner and behaves like a child which is not very mayoral and shows a lack of leadership. He is a horrible mayor who thinks showing up to events is what being a mayor is about rather than actually making decisions and governing. I have a feeling he might not be running in 2014 but if he does he will lose badly.

    Poll results indicate that Cousin Bob is going to get hammered by Randall Denley. But, as they say, the only poll that counts is the one on election day.

    Wish we had an interesting race here in Bells Corners. Yawn. Can anyone say with a straight face that Lisa won’t sweep our true-blue CFRA riding? I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but an election is like a hockey game – not as much fun watching it when you know ahead of time who’s going to win.

    In Ottawa West-Nepean nobody can predict with any certitude who’s going down in flames, Bob or Randall, whereas here it’s hardly worth bothering to go out and vote.

    • margaret says:

      have you read your friend McRae … ?

      pity Denley isn’t running in Bells Corners … we could get new grass to replace the stuff the city put down last year and didn’t maintain ….

      Earl got hammered by the Denley staffers who cried that he shouldn’t have made such a big deal about a small Denley campaign foul-up. Sheesh, they’re so sensitive and partisan – Earl took a potshot at Dalton too, being an equal opportunity shinkicker.

      The column may be a bit over the top, but it does make a serious point, one that must make Randall uncomfortable (writing one thing as a columnist and then flip-flopping to fit in as politician). Earl pointed out that Denley agreed with Larry O’Brien that lawn signs were environmentally-unfriendly,”the old-fashioned way of doing politics” and that Jim’s tens of thousands of signs all over the play made him look him like a “litterbug cluttering the city.”

      Randall’s certainly changed his tune – Ottawa West-Nepean is AWASH in Denley signs – they’re all over the place, often beside vandalized Chiarelli signs. Talk about old-fashioned politics! I’m not exactly a Bob Chiarelli fan, but I hate to see the Denley zealots bully the Chiarelli signs, even if he did have to pay people to put them up for him.

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