September crime

Most Bells Corners crime is not reported to the police (eg., blatant misuse of public funds for political gain, the suppression of democratic rights, WASTING tax dollars, making promises you have no intention of keeping, using political pressure to shut down rinks and community websites, renaming public space to honour politicians and friends, etc.) But there’s still a lot on the police map! Hmmm, lots of bad stuff going on near the councillor’s house.

The details are available at You can click on a symbol to get a bit more info and you can zoom in on your neighbourhood.

Too bad there are no labels for sleazy politics or wasting tax dollars!

The label below means that there were multiple crimes at that location.

If that’s not enough crime reporting for you:

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2 Responses to September crime

  1. margaret says:

    looks like heavy ‘issues’ on the street where the councillor lives …. glad I don’t live there any more … my area looks pretty safe at the moment

    interesting they list B & E (break and enter) before homicide

    couple of assaults where the VOX used to be .. can’t blame it on the clientele this time

  2. Rich Littleton says:

    Watch out for an unsavoury character who lives in the area along Tanglewood – he’s scary!

  3. Mike says:

    This is why Lynwood Manor has started Neighbourhood Watch – so we can start to deter/prevent such incidents from occurring.

    One reason why crime is on the rise is because of Ottawa Police budget cuts – there are not enough police officers on the road patrolling our neighbourhoods. Lynwood Manor, Westcliffe Estates and Lynwood Village are all recruiting Neighbourhood Watch members to do patrols at night, so we as a community can protect and keep ourselves safe.

    Leaving the Ottawa Police to do it has been shown to be insufficient – there seems to be a major problem in Bells Corners, starting with a mediocre performance by the Ottawa Police Service. We also need the court system to impose stricter punishment on offenders.

    I know the court system quite well and I got to tell you: there are lots of repeat offenders out there who get off with probation, the charges dropped or a plea bargain. Canada is too lenient on criminals.

    – It’s an interesting concept, starting up a “night patrol.” It reminds me of a similar project in Kanata a couple of years back – some community members were so steamed up about vandalism, substance abuse, bullying and petty crime in their parks that they were ready to set up what the media called a vigilante group. Don’t ask me how it turned out – there was no further coverage in the local media.

    Here’s a definition of “vigilante”: a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.

    It would be unfair to call a Neighbourhood Watch night patrol a “vigilante group” which is a controversial label – remember Charles Bronson’s vigilante role? He cleaned up half of New York in a 90-minute movie. In the real world the Guardian Angels and other community-based groups got a lot of media attention.

    There’s no appetite in Canada for vigilante justice but I guess “night patrols” can’t hurt – more eyes on the street and in our parks is a good thing.

    Maybe you could have some fun with it and partner with the Real Life Superheroes movement or the Alex Lewis/BIA security team.

    I’m not sure that there have been “police budget cuts” – didn’t they get more than the 2.4% increase that City taxpayers paid? And you can’t conclude that there’s a crime wave in Bells Corners based on the CrimeReports maps – the police figures for last year show most types of crime are down in College ward (which of course doesn’t tell us much about Bells Corners) and even Harper wouldn’t argue that crime is up in Canada.

    Bells Corners is generally a safe community,especially compared to Bayshore, Barrhaven, Kanata and the housing project featured in the latest highly-publicized Toronto gang murder trial.

    But that’s little consolation if you’re the one who has been victimized, and there are a lot of crime victims in our community.

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