Bells Corners on the boob tube, part 2

The CTV/BIA media event held today was a joyous community gathering, the like of which we’ve never seen before.

Alex Lewis wasn’t kidding when he said there’d be great swag! The free stuff included: Timbits, a chance to win a trip to Juarez, Mexico and fake CTV microphones for wannabe media personalities.

This guy got tickets to a 67s game and a Magic mug!
Jordan’s photo removed because of a legal threat
But the best swag of all? These cool Bells Corners BIA coffee mugs. The logo with its misspelled slogan (“Bells Corners Has It’s Perks”) and its Bells Corners elephant makes it an instant collector’s item. Go Alex go!

The business people got to compare bottom lines.

The radio people seemed to be having a good time.

Chairman Bill got to plug his community association.

Alex and Jim got to plug their BIA.

Fans got their pictures taken with famous journalists reporters personalities.

Local businesses like the La Cuisine Pacific Rim got to show off their stuff.

CTV got to sell a pile of advertising to local businesses.

The Dear Leader got to spin his BS.

In fact, everybody seemed to be having a good time except Alex. Such vulgar language when there are kids around!

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9 Responses to Bells Corners on the boob tube, part 2

  1. margaret says:

    amases me how you manage to pick up all the grammer/spelling misstakes 🙂

    wonder if all businesses were invited to take part ….

  2. That is so embarrassing. I know the level of literacy has really taken a beating, but that someone representing all the business owners is illiterate is just sad. For people not familiar with Alex Lewis it might seem like I am being a little harsh for the incorrect use of the possessive, but this is just the latest in a pattern of spelling and grammar mistakes by him. Even when the responsibilities of being BIA executive director are limited to being Rick’s lackey you still need to at least be literate.

    – There’s another funny example on the BIA’s new website – “a stroll through the various plaza’s”

    I almost hate to point out the ‘plaza’s’ goof here.

    Alex sneered at me yesterday after he lost his cool and told me to insert a foreign object in my rectum: “Go ahead and put it on your shitty blog for all six of your readers!”

    Presumably Alex is one of the six readers and he’ll phone up the company who did his site to make the correction.

    I’ll let him find the other mistakes himself.

    • The site is a big improvement over the original BIA site which was embarrassing. There is still a lot that needs to be improved in this one, and for the amount of time it took it is still disappointing, but at least they are moving in the right direction. The problem is Alex has no computer skills, so if the site is going to be maintained at all it needs to be outsourced. That is why he is completely unqualified — no business experience, no education, and no computer skills. The only quality he actually brings to the job is that he has the right look, but he lacks the temperament, as his losing his cool with you illustrates.

      Also with respect to six readers — I haven’t updated since the end of the road renaming episode, and I still get ~150 new readers every month. That is unique people who have never visited before, not counting people who come and bounce, and not counting return visitors, which is just under 700/month. If more than new 150 people are reading a site that no one is updating I’m pretty sure you have more than six readers. Speaking of OttawaCityCouncilWatch, it will be coming back live in November.

      – Alex’s guess of six readers is a bit on the low side. I had 4,130 views last week and today could be my busiest day ever, since there were already 300 hits by noon – late afternoon and evening are the busiest times.

      I hope I’m not affecting productivity in the workplace – not too many people’s job descriptions include reading blogs on company time!

    • Gravy says:

      “Go ahead and put it on your shitty blog for all six of your readers!”

      Tough words from a guy with 35 Facebook followers.

      Pretty amazing of Rick to claim any role (….again) in the DND/PWGSC/Nortel decided-years-ago thing. For God’s sake, it’s not even in his ward. Man, what’s it like getting up every morning knowing that the “best” things you do are all fiction? It does seem like that when he wants to do a good job, he does; the problem is that he just never wants to, and for a long time now has settled for phoning it it with B.S. stories about condos and hotels and skateboard parks and DND and the Vox.

      Anyway, enough haterade for a morning. This is the most BIA-like I’ve seen them be since they were formed. The website still needs some grooming and will evolve over time but it’s nice to see them treat the businesses with some respect — these people are here by choice and work six or seven days per week to make a living, and it was unforgivably arrogant to tax them involuntarily to piss away the money they bust their asses to make on a work-avoidance/job-creation scheme for Alex and photo ops for Rick.

      – I’m glad you picked up on him trying to take credit for DND moving to Nortel, implying that his “lobbying efforts” had paid off. To be fair, he did mention that his Bells Corners buddy John Baird deserves some of the credit too.

      • margaret says:

        presume we’re classed among the 6 … who are the others?
        at least we get to learn something about what is going on in the community through this “oh-my-goodness-I-dare-not-say it” blog

        – The six readers Alex referred to would be: Rick (he reads it every morning while munching his Shreddies), his missus Lida (looking for something for the lawyers to sink their teeth into), his hitman Jay (to see if I got his good side in the photos), his big bruiser Al (he’ll probably be there tonight to either bar me from entering or throw me into a headlock if I approach the mic), his six-figure Corporate Security Manager Greg (the guy who issued the no trespassing order to smack me down), and of course Alex (last time I walked into his posh BIA office he had this blog up on his 46″ computer monitor).

        A real rogues’ gallery!

      • Gravy says:

        Yeah, it’s really annoying. It just seems like it would be easier to do things truthfully and from the heart than to constantly lie, then cover that up, then cover up the cover-up, and so on.

        By the by, I did an informal traffic study yesterday afternoon coming up from the Nortel complex. A dozen vehicles I was travelling with turned east onto the 417, and all but three of the remaining cars turned onto Timm. Me and two others made it into Bells Corners, out of I guess twenty-five. This is the thing that makes me cautious about overhyping DND. Anyone who lives in Kanata takes March or Timm, and if they live east of here most people just get on the road and go home. Coming into BC seems like a big detour from the commute and I have to think that DND employees do most of their shopping near where they live like everyone else — hence all those enormous commercial compounds in Orleans, Barrhaven, Kanata, etc. We won’t be any worse off having DND as neighbours, but the 417 between us and them could just as well be a moat.

  3. Charles Dangler says:

    Blogger of OCCW,

    I remember reading your site and thinking to myself, “God there is a lot of spelling mistakes in here!” Ironic how easy it is for someone with an obvious complex to go through a website and “nit-pick.”

    – You’re right, Charles. We all make mistakes when we write. For example it’s “there are a lot of spelling mistakes’ not ‘there is a lot of spelling mistakes.’

    No biggie. I try to be careful on this blog, partly because it’s always been my fantasy to be a reporter (some of my best friends are journalists) and a big part of the craft is avoiding spelling and syntax errors. I have a part-time job revising the content of a Montreal paper, and during my 30-year teaching career I corrected a lot of atrocious spelling. I married a translator, so linguistics was always a topic of discussion at the dinner table, and we had our two girls writing diaries by grade 1.

    Form is much less important than content, so I have no problem with typos and errors, but I think that in this case and in this context, it’s not “nit-picking” (actually it’s “nitpicking”) to point out the laughable errors on the BIA mug and the front page of the BIA website.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few errors on OCCW — we were working really hard and it was exhausting. There were many entries that were made on little or no sleep using a Joomla editor that is anything but ideal for proofreading.

      There is a major difference between typos and errors, between addressing all the lies that Rick and his staff are spreading and making mistakes when you have all the time in the world since you do nothing all day.

      Further, I represent only myself, so if I choose to be careless and publish without a second read, that is a lesser issue than if I choose to be careless when I am working as a representative of someone else. Normally I am not going to call someone out for their weak language skills, but when that person is effectively the communications agent of a group, then it is an issue. It is bad enough that Alex has failed to apologize for stealing the design of the BIA banners from another BIA, but he follows that up by handing out swag that has an elementary error on it.

  4. Brian says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Alex Lewis yesterday also. I cut him off to go to talk to Craig instead after he called us all “conspirators” – I told him that there’s no conspiracy, just facts.

    Last time I ran into Alex was in early May when he triumphantly promised me that the BIA website was just about finished – it took almost 5 months!

    I look forward to the new OCCW website – those councillors have got some ‘splaining to do!

    – Rick’s site has been “under construction” or devoted to a lame long-winded defence of his renaming folly for most of the past year.

    We all got a good chuckle out of his deliberate posting of a false telephone number to piss off the legions of voters who were calling to give him hell for the Lloyd Francis Boulevard baloney.

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