Bells Corners on the boob tube

Bells Corners hits the big time – four whole hours in the spotlight! The boys were busy setting up today for the live CTV broadcast from 6:00 to 10 a.m. Alex Lewis has promised us LOTS of free swag, so be there or be square.

I feel for the poor security guard who has to sit in the Loblaws parking lot all night long, so that no one will swipe a hunk of grass or a lounge chair. (Turf and knickknacks courtesy of Turf’s UP! and the Urban Terrace)

This is where Rick will get to sit and extoll the virtues of the upcoming (next May) name change. The other chair is for his buddy Don Robertson. We stopped the Lloyd Francis Boulevard nonsense in its tracks but the councillor, helped by the mayor and his Liberal slate will get his renaming anyway – new addresses for everyone, businesses and residences on the strip and all the way to the Richmond. Go Rick go!

I don’t think these people will be invited to be on camera. And my invitation must have got lost in the mail.

I posted again on the Westcliffe Estates Community Association Facebook site and no one has taken it down yet, even though some of the boys at the top probably don’t like it – free speech can be a real bummer.

People should be careful walking on the Westcliffe sidewalk-to-nowhere – I was amazed to see this woman blithely pushing her walker right next to the speeding traffic.

In other local news, the FreshCo plaza is getting a new name now that the Chopper has been chopped. I’ve heard that the biggest space at the top is reserved for Alex Lewis’ office.

Here’s something really evil:

The trailer park has a lot of old rusted oil tanks, and if they leak it can be a real drag digging up all of the toxic waste. They’re finally starting to fill this hole in, nearly a year after the oil leaked and made a beeline for our water table.

The new owners of Bellwood, Parkbridge Inc., seem to be the landlords from hell. They tell residents to tear down their fences and sheds if they’re not pretty enough, but when Parkbridge smashes someone’s home to smithereens they sure leave an ugly mess behind. It was kind of sad seeing the remnants of someone’s life in the rubble.

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4 Responses to Bells Corners on the boob tube

  1. wanderer says:

    What a mess! Not a good landlord, that’s for sure. Don’t think anything will change them, unless someone takes them to court for some of their inaction.

    Missed the 4 hour TV blurb – can I find it anywhere on the net? See you tomorrow night.

    – No, it’s not on the web anywhere.

    Bill first told me that I’m not welcome tomorrow and that he has the power to ban me from the meeting. I think he later changed his thinking and said it would be all right, as long as I behave myself and don’t say anything “negative,” i.e. anything that might upset the councillor, the mayor or Bill himself.

  2. Gravy says:

    The setup for the morning show thing was pretty nice — the owner seemed cool when we met him at the BIA meeting, and it looks like he does good work.

    I saw a couple dozen people there this morning on my way in, but I didn’t stop. PLEASE tell me you were there to cover it.

    – I was there but I can’t say I enjoyed the verbal abuse I got from Alex – such a potty mouth!

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