Westcliffe flyer force

If you live anywhere on this map (except inside the circled areas, which we haven’t completed yet) you have probably received my blog flyer. Maybe you didn’t notice it, as it was mixed in with all the other junk mail competing for your attention.

I had great fun doing it, not a single mishap like stubbing my toe or falling off my bike, with lots of great exercise, balmy weather and interesting things to observe. I met a few people I knew already and new acquaintances who have been reading my blog.

What a fascinating place Westcliffe is! Lots of diversity and brimming with life. So many people, so many compelling stories to tell. Each distinct neighbourhood has its own charms.

The most exciting event happened on Westcliffe Road – four young guys in a very heated dispute. Jeez, I hope that all those angry words were just bravado. Don’t ask me what they were fighting about – it’s none of my business. But boy! Was that guy ever angry!

Anyway, some Westcliffe residents must have noticed my flyer among the admail, junkmail, crudmail and so-called community papers that that fill up our mailboxes, as witnessed by the site stats. We started leaving our calling card in Westcliffe on Sept. 18.

Both community papers featured, as usual, juicy Rick Chiarelli photo ops (renaming a community park after the career politician who mentored him and posing with the discredited Bells Corners BIA executive), so he must be happy about that. Go Rick Go!

I’m no longer persona non grata on the Westcliffe Estates Community Association Facebook site. I’m glad they decided that it was okay for me to participate in their online community after they reconsidered the decision to remove what I had posted (just the blog address and an aerial photo of Westcliffe taken in the 80’s).

I certainly don’t blame anyone for taking my post down. I knew I was presenting a thorny problem to someone – sorry about that.

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One Response to Westcliffe flyer force

  1. wanderer says:

    Glad you’re no longer persona non grata on the Westcliffe Estates Community Association Facebook site.

    We’re looking forward to the meeting on Tuesday.

    – The WECA meetings used to be pretty dull – almost no one would show up, partly because the meetings weren’t well advertised.

    But they’ve really turned things around, with lots of fresh blood and many more activities drawing people in.

    So hats off to the WECA volunteers for their efforts to build community spirit and grassroots democracy in Westcliffe. Hopefully we can follow your excellent example here in Lynwood Village and the LVCA will rise from the ashes and become something more than an extension of the councillor’s office and the City bureaucracy. The best democracy is local democracy, and you can’t get any more local than an independent community association where neighbours work together.

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