a lovely day in Westcliffe

The weather was great today so I had fun dropping off blog flyers on Oberon, Seyton and other parts of Westcliffe. I even ran into a few people who have been following my blog ever since the big guy shut down the Lynwood Village Community Association last November (because it was “too negative” – Rick loves to categorize anyone who disagrees with him as “negative,” whereas anyone who helps further his political ambitions gets to hop on the taxpayer-funded gravy train).

To get a few more readers in Westcliffe I posted this blog’s address to the Westcliffe Estates Community Association’s Facebook site but it was quickly erased.

I like to think that this blog is both entertaining and informative – maybe if I tone down the sarcasm a bit and say something nice about Rick the WECA executive won’t ban me from their Facebook site.

Okay, enough politics for now – let me dig into my photo album and see if there’s anything interesting. How about some mystery photos – where were these photos taken? (answers tomorrow).

swimming pool at the Holiday Inn

Nepean Museum

Local houses of worship pay low property taxes compared to residents and businesses, which perhaps explains why there’s lots of work going on:

Spot the spelling mistakes (answers tomorrow):

2 heures not 2 heure

refrigerate not refridgerate
It cost a million dollars to doll up the strip – did we get our money’s worth?

Kudos to this guy for working at beautifying the strip.

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One Response to a lovely day in Westcliffe

  1. wanderer says:

    Don’t tell me that the Westcliffe Estates Community Association is banning you, or is it just your blog ’cause it tells the truth, and pulls no punches!

    I always thought that sticking together through thick and thin made for a better front when facing the big boys, or trying to get something beneficial done for our communities.

    Next Tuesday should be a blast – see you then.

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