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Rick Chiarelli is in big trouble in our community – the last time he appeared in public in Bells Corners he was lustily booed by elderly residents at Stillwater Creek Retirement Community. Here are some of them voting against Rick.

He was ridiculed in the Citizen and lambasted in the Sun.

Rick is hoping that Mayor Watson’s imminent visit to Bells Corners will bail out his sinking ship, but Jim is not very popular in the community either after he ignored the wishes of Bells Corners businesses and residents to support our developer-financed councillor’s wacky renaming scheme. The councillor had to back down on Lloyd Francis Boulevard, but his so-called “compromise” is almost as bad, even if most residents and businesses don’t seem to know what an expensive pain it’s going to be to get a new address.

Meanwhile, Rick’s plan to make Bells Corners the drive-thru capital of the world has hit a pothole – the double-double drive-thru drugstore is looking shabby already. This is one screw-up I can’t blame on Rick – apparently Lida was driving.

The Rexall project has been plagued with problems from the beginning, both inside and out. For example, the sidewalk to nowhere was poured and then torn up and redone shortly afterward.

The base for a huge sign was constructed and then recently removed.

Rick isn’t the only one flying by the seat of his pants!

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4 Responses to send help!

  1. TonyL1 says:

    That new Rexall’s Drug building is cold, over-sized and sinister-looking – way too close to the road.

    As for the Drive-Thru aspect of it, I hope someone drives-thru it with a tank – looks like it already had a practice hit.

    “And can I get a 42-inch LCD TV with XBOX360 to go please along with my high blood pressure prescription and cough syrup? And toss in some chocolate bars and a bag of Doritos while you’re at it.”

    • Eric says:

      Wait, what? I think the building is a great change from everything else in Bells Corners! So what if it’s closer to the road – seriously, you enjoy all of these empty parking lots in front of buildings?. I like the look and it’s closer to where I live than Shoppers.

      While I’ve never been a fan of drive-thrus myself, I don’t really see the harm in having it. The Superstore in Kanata has one as well I think?

      • Gravy says:

        I think they picked a nice colour palette for the exterior and it will stand up well over time. For a while new buildings had a bit of a Fisher-Price feel to them and looked tired well before their time. The drive-thru pharmacy is super weird, though — when Craig first wrote about it I thought he was kidding.

        Meanwhile it seems like the Dymon Self-Storage has moved on? For the longest time they had a Coming Soon sign by Davis + Henderson but I’m pretty sure it’s gone now.

      • margaret says:

        problem with the new rexall is sightlines ….

        if I owned the Thai restaurant, I would not be very happy at all …. it blocks the sign and the building. that restaurant moved from the next door plaza to where it could be seen … and this happens

        it could/should have been set back further in alignment of the other stores in that plaza

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