If you live on Richmond Road between the Pizza Hut plaza and the village of Richmond your address is about to change (next May).

Not too many residents seem to know about it. Many think that the Chiarelli ‘compromise’ means that the RC backed down and sanity has been restored to Bells Corners. Or they have been misled by an article in a community paper that said that ditching the Lloyd Francis Boulevard name in Bells Corners means that the ‘Old Richmond Rd.’ name is also toast.

Not so! The paper published a correction – everyone on Robertson and Richmond is getting a new address.

Residents and businesses on Richmond Road, on the strip and all the way to the village of Richmond, will get a new name and a new number. Everyone on Robertson Rd. will get a new address too – same name but a new number.

Here is one resident’s list of who he will have to contact:

* family and friends
* utilities (heating, hydro, cable, telephone, internet, etc.)
* doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, other professionals
* recreational contacts, memberships
* driver’s license
* home, car, life insurance companies
* pensions, etc.
* banks and investments
* churches and schools
* subscriptions
* etc.

Here are two more warnings: Pedestrians – watch out for trucks on the sidewalk!

The City workers were using the truck to get at and replace the burnt-out light in the pedestrian ‘walk’ signal.

Beer store plaza customers – watch out for buskers!

Actually, the guy with the guitar is good! He was featured in this Youtube I made a few years ago, talking about how much he loved the Lynwood outdoor rinks. Wish we had more buskers and jesters in Bells Corners to liven things up.

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2 Responses to Warning!

  1. wanderer says:

    I heard of a car being torched here in Lynwood on the weekend – just about burned the house down too. Don’t have more details, but I’m sure there’s a police report or fire report if anyone has contacts there. This is definitely not good. It appears that there are some nasty ‘firebugs’ aka arsonists in our lovely little village. Keep your eyes and ears open.

  2. margaret says:

    think you’ll find that the addresses south from pizza hut to the village of richmond will keep the same numbers and postal codes, and just change the street name to ‘old richmond’ –
    theirs is the easiest change – in fact I doubt if there will be any hurry to amend those changes if the post office does their job with using the postal codes.
    would’ve been easier if it had been called richmond south … or not changed at all – but we won’t go there!
    wonder when the strip addresses will be informed of their new numbers – the idea was to rush it through to give them a year to change ….
    wonder what method will be used to inform them all of the changes ? hope it’s a better method than the previous fiasco

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