Don Robertson rides the bike-taxi to the mosque

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi has been doing the rounds – I’ve probably picked up a few hundred people by now. These kids flagged me down yesterday as I was cruising by the giant mosque to see the latest work. Compare yesterday’s photo with last year’s and the year before’s.

Bells Corners’ newest condos are slowly rising from the ground nearby, to the left of the expensive roadwork on Old Richmond Road (or, if you prefer, Lloyd Francis Lane), necessary to provide faster access to the mosque’s parking lot and enable the drive-through commuter traffic from Bridlewood to cut through our community at even greater speeds.

These kids asked me about the identity of the guy riding shotgun on the bike-taxi. They weren’t the first customers to think it’s Obama. Why would the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi have a photo of Obama? Maybe if it were the Chicago Bike-taxi, but not here in the community John Robertson founded. Don Robertson and Obama are NOT the same person!

I explained to the kids that to to honour John Robertson, the founder of Bells Corners, the bike-taxi features a photo of his long-lost great-great-grandson Don Robertson. The family has covered up the existence of Don – he’s the product of an illicit affair between John and an escaped slave from Virginia, so you can’t blame them.

This explains why Coun. Chiarelli didn’t respond to Earl McRae’s taunts. I have to salute him for putting the Robertson family’s feelings above political gain – he took a lot of heat for invoking the name of Don Robertson to justify Lloyd Francis Boulevard and then clamming up after the media questioned his honesty. Now that I’ve revealed the truth maybe people will stop calling him a liar. These kids are cheering Rick for doing the right thing.

A couple more quick bike-taxi stories:
I came upon these ladies near their home in Lynwood Village. The older woman was struggling painfully down the road with her walker – she had been cooped up for too long in the house (recovering from a fall in a hospital washroom where she was being treated for a benign brain tumour) and needed to get some fresh air. They were both thrilled with the ride, saying that it “made their day.”

I picked up a mother and a kid the other day at the Entrance Pool to give them a ride back to Ridgefield. The woman was delighted to get back home in such fine style – the bike-taxi is way quicker than walking, especially when you’ve got a small kid in tow, and she wanted to get home as quickly as possible to make sure her stew wasn’t overcooked.

This Local Heroes employee called her ride home from work on Canada Day “the highlight of her day.”

My neighbour and other residents who were at Local Heroes that day noticed that Rick’s attempts at glad-handing were usually rebuffed – people are still upset at the renaming fiasco.

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2 Responses to Don Robertson rides the bike-taxi to the mosque

  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the only name change that should or could happen in Bells Corners is that of Mr. Rick Chiarelli should he hope to be re-elected!

    – That’s his fallback position – legally change his name to Sarah Palin (or maybe Ben Franklin or Allan Aardvark to be first on the ballot) and hope that nobody notices.

  2. fed up says:

    Just vote the goof out! But it seems that no one cares! Come on people, there are alternatives to Ricky-like Rob Ford!

    – No sane person would dare run against Rick – he has all the advantages of incumbency, not to mention TONS of developer money to finance his campaign and a $250,000-a-year slush fund to award his friends and promote his brand. Plus the required cunning and ruthlessness needed to be a successful professional politician. So he’ll probably be acclaimed like in 2003 or else face a bunch of vote-splitting fringe candidates who really have NO chance of winning.

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