Don Robertson back in the news

Remember when Rick told Earl McRae of the Sun that Don Robertson, the great-great-grandson of John Robertson, the “founder” of Bells Corners, supported the concept of changing the name of Robertson Road to Lloyd Francis Boulevard?

It soon became clear that no such person exists and that Earl had caught Rick telling yet another whopper – it’s all documented here.

I blogged that Don Robertson had been found but I was only kidding.

Imagine my surprise when I saw an email from Don Robertson in my mailbox!

Not the fake Don Robertson that Rick invented, but a real Don Robertson, the chairman of National Capital Crime Stoppers.

It was a letter to his lawyer, congratulating her for sending me another letter threatening legal action if I don’t remove photos of Rick in jail taken by a Crime Stoppers photographer. Mr. Robertson mentioned that it was Lida Chiarelli who was pressuring Crime Stoppers to threaten me, and he hoped that Rick and Mrs. Chiarelli would be happy with the latest letter: “this should wrap the issue up once and for all.”

It’s nice to have confirmation that Rick and Lida are reading my blog. To be safe I removed the photos that belonged to Crime Stoppers from these two posts:

I don’t see the big deal with these photos – I’ve never suggested on this blog (not yet, anyway) that our councillor is a criminal or has done anything illegal (well, there was that “illegal” campaign contribution that he accepted, but all that has been cleared up and apologized for). Sleazy politics and backroom deals are not illegal in Ottawa (unfortunately).

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6 Responses to Don Robertson back in the news

  1. Rich Littleton says:

    All this talk of Rick serving up whoppers is making me hungry for a few nice one dollar hamburgers hot off the grill like at last year’s Lynwood Fun Day. For some reason I also want a Shopsy hot dog too. The Shopsy hot dog guy on the package really reminds me of someone I’ve met but I just can’t put my finger on who.

    – Not too many burgers served up at this year’s Fun Day! It, along with the outdoor rinks in Lynwood Park, were collateral damage from Rick’s coup at the community association.

    There was no Fun Day at all in 2011, unlike 2009 and 2010, and the Lynwood rinks were always closed when neighbouring rinks had excellent skating conditions Thanks, Rick!

  2. margaret says:

    so glad you found Don Robertson …even if it might not be THAT Don Robertson

  3. wanderer says:

    Would that be the Don Robertson really be the one that everyone has been looking for? I still find it ridiculous that RC would be offended by the photo of himself in jail, as these types of photos are often photo ops for politicians when they feel cornered.

    Why was there no Fun Day this year? Backing onto the park, we always had the joy of watching it without being overwhelmed by ankle-biters.

    Any idea if the Lynwood Village Community Association can be resurrected? And will the skating rink be another disaster as it was last winter? It was depressing to see how little it was used last year.

    – “Our” community association is up and running. Once Rick had purged it of dissidents the appointed Rick-friendly executive suddenly resigned and the LVCA has settled back into its former moribund role. It appears to be mostly concerned with providing free access to the building for a few insiders – looking after the outdoor rinks is too much like work, I guess, as there’s no mention of that anywhere on their website.

    The Fun Day is mentioned on the site, but if it happened this year I must have missed it. I guess the new vetted-by-Rick executive been too busy discussing the new LVCA constitution that Bill, Harry and Rick crafted. Apparently clause #13 bans me from the LVCA for life, and a portrait of Rick now adorns the community building. Clause #23 requires all LVCA members to swear allegiance to Rick and bans anyone from discussing politics on City property, with Lida, Jay and other high-ranking City bureaucrats given authority to enforce this rule.

  4. The irony is that Rick would encourage Crime Stoppers to enforce their copyright while simultaneously showing complete disregard for the intellectual property rights of others when the Bells Corners BIA stole the designs for the most recent banners. In your case the use of the image if done properly could be allowed under the fair dealings exemption to copyright but theirs was just plain IP theft.

    Further, in you case you represent just yourself and this is a satirical blog, so not a serious IP violation, while in their case the BIA represents every single business and their unethical behaviour reflects negatively on all the member businesses. Commercial theft of IP is considerably more serious than just using an image for satire.

    At least now we know where Rick got the name for his fictional relative.

  5. TonyL says:

    “I don’t see the big deal with these photos”

    I would (next time) just go down and take your own pics of the Crime Stoppers event at Billings Bridge, then they become like “The Untouchables” – all yours!

    But yeah, combing your blog for these so-called offending pics is pretty pathetic considering it looked like you scanned it from the local rag newspapers. As for Chiarelli, his popularity is sinking fast and the discontent is spreading out from Bells Corners.

    With so many blunders, he’ll soon have to wear a disguise to appear in public anywhere in the ward!

    I’m still laughing at the Don Robertson saga, just Epic!

    – Yes, the latest Don Robertson post was pretty funny, and not my lamest post ever, if I do say so myself.

    Linking the mosque, the bike-taxi and Rick’s shenanigans in one post is maybe twisted, but it sure boosted circulation! Today’s post seems to be ‘going viral’ and this could be the day I crash through the 1000-views-a-day ceiling (I was so tantalizingly close on May 3, my busiest day so far, with 997 hits). This would bring total views since I started this pathetic blog last Xmas to over 60,000, an average of almost 300 hits a day.

  6. TonyL says:

    Petty and pathetic, that he (and his wife) would even go after a picture.

    High school bullying tactics are always strange… it’s just a sarcastic picture, get over it Rick.

    Do you think you’re indestructible, that no one can touch you?

    Well, I think you’re disposable, and it’s time you faced the truth!

    You’re history in 2014, and it can’t come soon enough!

    – Yup, Rick will soon be in the ashbin of history. I’d be surprised if he makes it as far as 2014 – look for a resignation or a trial followed by an appointment as Canadian ambassador to Portugal. If Baird won’t help out the old Lynwood Village buddy (who gave Rusty his first political break) then maybe Dalton or Jim can find him a plum post. As long as he’s out of our hair!

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