paradise (by the dashboard lights)

Bells Corners has two businesses named Paradise, a fitting name to use in our fantastic community. (Still, it’s a bit odd, like having two CFL teams out of nine called roughriders.) People love to poke fun at Bells Corners (especially Lynwood Village!), but you and I both know that we have the best of all three worlds (urban, suburban and rural) here in our unique little community. Our home values are about to skyrocket and we have free bike-taxi service!

The renovated showroom at Paradise Bath and Kitchen on Northside is a causing quite a stir. Rumour has it that the owner very annoyed at Rick for the renaming fiasco. The councillor’s “compromise” motion offered the businesses on Northside the option of “buying” a new address – if they incur the costs of switching their address to Robertson and agree to pay the “Chiarelli tax” they too can benefit from the rebranding of Bells Corners. My prediction is that Turf’s Up will say yes (the owner is on the BIA Board and one of the few Rick-fans left in Bells Corners) while the other businesses will just snort in derision. “Thanks, Rick and Alex, but NO thanks!”

Speaking of Turf’s Up and the Urban Terrace – their showroom is amazing, so if you’re looking to gussy up your landscaping drop in some time. You don’t have to bring your wallet – no charge to browse and chat with the friendly staff:

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3 Responses to paradise (by the dashboard lights)

  1. margaret says:

    interesting about northside ….
    now how does northside qualify as robertson?
    wouldn’t this then cause another ‘split’ road situation?
    wouldn’t it cause safety issues for emergency response?
    wouldn’t people get lost wondering which part of which road they should be on?

    who gets to choose?
    how will they vote?
    will they have a real choice?

    suppose as usual in this on-going saga …depends on what the question is!

  2. wanderer says:

    How could RC offer the Northside folks an option while others in Bells Corners got no such opting in or out option? Just asking.

    – The only chance to opt out was to massively vote AGAINST the formation of the BIA in the first place. But most small businesses didn’t vote (many claimed to have never even received a ballot) and, in any case, it was a NEGATIVE option ballot – unless 35% of the total business tax base objected,the BIA was official and the Chiarelli tax became mandatory.

    The whole thing was a done deal – once Rick had decided that launching a BIA would be in his political and economic interest there was no stopping Alex Lewis’ runaway train.

    General Dynamics probably pays close to half of the total business tax bill themselves – once they (and a couple of big boxes like the overpriced Holiday Inn) were on board it really didn’t matter if the small businesses voted. Whether or not they agreed with footing Alex Lewis’ salary and other BIA follies, they were on the hook paying for it.

    • margaret says:

      mixing things up a bit … the Northside/Robertson option was as mentioned before part of “the councillor’s “compromise” motion, offering the businesses on Northside the option of “buying” a new address …. nothing really to do with the BIA formation …. or was it – we poor residents will never know

      it was a sneaky little WHEREAS …. and THEREFORE ….. that just happened to get conveniently added to the motion to replace Lloyd Francis with all Robertson.

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