Bells Corners busses cut

Better plan now if you’re at the mercy of OC Transpo – the Bells Corners transit cuts take effect Sept. 4, so you might want to consult the travel planner.

I wish we could cut the salaries and expense accounts of politicians and City managers instead of cutting transit service and raising fares. Not everyone in Bells Corners can afford (or wants) to own a car! Not everyone gets a $6000-a-year car subsidy like Rick. Traffic congestion, infrastructure costs and environmental damage would soar if they did.

Oh well, there’ll be no shortage of customers for the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi now that bus service to large parts of the community has been eliminated. Maybe some people will fill in the gaps by turning to cycling to get around Bells Corners – you can get a refurbished bike from at St. Paul’s for almost nothing (or even for free from the Bells Corners FREE Bike-share).

Citizen letter
Re: Bus route changes will test the limits of Ottawa Hospital rehab patients, July 29.
Jennifer Tsien

Though Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre patients will be among the hardest hit by budget cuts, transit users everywhere are discovering how difficult it will be to get around the city.

The new OC Transpo travel planner, unveiled a mere month before service cuts, reveals longer commute times, more walking, or completely cancelled service.

City council politely heard public input, and just as politely ignored it – I can only hope they’ll pay attention when they are voted out of office next election.

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One Response to Bells Corners busses cut

  1. Eric says:

    What parts of Bells Corners have their bus service eliminated? I am looking at the map and played around a bit with the planner and can’t figure out what I could do before that I won’t be able to anymore. It just seems like the 166 is replaced by extensions of the 97 and 152 routes. Yes, it is a terrible idea, but it doesn’t seem like the service will be too different in our community as a result.

    – Look at the first graphic in the post – the only parts of Bells Corners that will have regular service (the black lines – outside of the 6-9 a.m. 3-6 p.m. periods, Mon.-Fri.) is the strip (the 118 to Baseline) and Westcliffe (the 97 to Bayshore).

    The “extension” of the 152 will only run through Lynwood Village to Bell H.S. when most of the students are commuting (when classes start and end) so it’s hardly a replacement for the 166.

    It looks to me like:

    * there will be no service down Moodie in the evenings or on weekends, meaning that travel between Bells Corners and Crystal Beach at that time will become even more difficult for some people (students, seniors, strip employees, people without cars, etc.)

    * with the abolition of the 166 route many areas of Bells Corners outside of Westcliffe will no longer have bus stops anywhere near where they live, especially in the evenings and weekends. This is good news for the bike-taxi but bad news for those who don’t enjoy spending an hour on the bus/walking to get somewhere that’s a ten minute car ride away.

    * with the 166 axed Bells Corners high school students who come early or stay late (and residents in the eastern part of Lynwood Village are out of luck)

    Running mostly empty busses is not a good thing either, but there are many other options other than cutting off service altogether to the less affluent members of our community.

    I know that we can’t undo decades of bungling and bad decisions overnight, but I’m hoping that the Bells Corners of the future will not be so car-dependent, and cutting bus service to Bells Corners is NOT a step in the right direction. Blowing billions on Larry’s tunnel was a bad choice when there were so many other less expensive/smarter options on the table.

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