lousy banners

Tony writes: Anyhoo, apart from the issues of “copyright” and trademark infringements, they are still lousy banners!

Look like bleach has already sucked the life out of them. The cheap material and weak colours are anything but inspiring.

Maybe Alex is trying to save the businesses some serious coin so that his clothing allowance and expense account can be enhanced even further.

Not having a proper bottom bracket must bring down the cost – I just love how the wind folds them over into pathetic triangles, like laundry on a cheap clothesline.

– Well-done banners are wonderful – instead of shaming the community like Alex’s cheap knockoffs they build pride, respect our heritage and benefit both residents and businesses.

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2 Responses to lousy banners

  1. margaret says:

    This is part of the problem – with no base arm and all that wind, we might as well just have triangles and save the material.

    Now if the words were on the inside near the post then most of the time you just might just see the Shop! Dine! Play! commands.

    I really do feel there’s something missing. Maybe Stop? Spend? Stay? was another option?

    Since the words have no context and are illegible anyway, the banners are just colourful expensive decorations, so why not at least be VIBRANT with those colours?

    – My theory is that Rick lets Lida pick the banners.

  2. Rich Littleton says:

    One would think that Alex or Jay would have some really good friends who are into graphic design and could cook up something really impressive for the banners.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    – I know we can’t afford it but I wish each banner were different.

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