Bells Corners briefs

My neighbour reports that kids were cruising around the neighbourhood on the weekend and decided to pay his property a visit in the wee hours of the morning. Since he had forgotten to lock his garage they helped themselves to a bicycle and some tools and rummaged through his car.

He’s not the only one on the street who has recently been a victim of late-night thieves and vandals. Mostly they’re just looking for an easy target, an unlocked car or garage.

Our councillor is in hot water again, getting lambasted in the media for trying to pull another fast one. A huge new development along Baseline near Bells Corners has a lot of people upset, and the councillor is pretending he knew nothing about it until recently. The project features four towers, the highest one 16 storeys, and a local community association is not amused.

Here’s one experienced observer’s advice for community members who are upset at the scale of the development and the lack of community consultation: “This is the classic Rick Chiarelli modus operandi — keep stuff that people might object to secret until the very last minute. Rick will meet with you and tell you he is going to advocate for you. That will just be a meaningless lie to placate opposition. He will then do nothing, but since you feel that you are being represented you also will do nothing. If you do object at some point the developer will concede something meaningless and the community will be made to look unreasonable for not accepting the compromise. Rick is not on your side and if you trust him you are being very foolish.”

Shop! Dine! Play! Now that I’ve seen the banners I’m a bit disappointed. Bells Corners is such a wonderful place, and to sum it up visually with a shopping bag, a glass of wine and a baseball seems kind of lame.

These two Chinese tourists recently went for a tour of Lynwood Village on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi – they were astonished at how beautiful our community is.

Heather writes: Know anyone working at Place du Portage or Les Terrasses de Chaudieres in Hull? I am looking for one person to start commuting with me on Monday August 8th. I’m heading back to the office after a maternity leave. Email me at or call 613-853-4323.

And finally, in case you’re curious, the Bells Corners blog has had almost 55,000 page views so far this year, with an average of 255 hits a day.

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15 Responses to Bells Corners briefs

  1. We’ve had some vandalism on our street lately too. My neighbour found all his outdoor chairs tipped over one morning and one of them was smashed. Another neighbour recently had one pane of his front window smashed out by a rock. I do not know if they were home at the time. We’ve been extra diligent in locking up the cars at night.

    – It is so wrong that we have to be so diligent about looking after our stuff like this.

    We probably all have stories of petty vandalism and theft, but they are mostly “crimes of opportunity” where someone leaves a valuable easily attainable. The police site very rarely reports a break-and-enter in Bells Corners.

    There’s certainly no shortage of crime in Bells Corners – blue-collar, white-collar, political, outrageous, we’ve got it all, even a student stabbing.

  2. margaret says:

    So that’s what it is on those banners.

    Play! What does that mean? And a baseball at that?

    Dine! A wine glass? So now we’re no longer the ‘dining mecca’ but the ‘wining mecca’? Lots of business for the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi delivering tipsy residents.

    Shop! For what? When will they learn that there are very few places that are ‘unique’ to BC?

    – The big boxes are all the same but we do have a LOT of fascinating community-oriented small businesses – too bad they’re not being helped by the BIA, instead of being dragged down by extra BIA/RC-generated costs. If the rents weren’t so darn expensive we could have a much more diverse shopping experience.

    • Gravy says:

      I couldn’t figure out what the solid black bar and the dotted line were supposed to represent. Thought it might be a reference to a film reel (?), but it turns out it’s only Commercial Drive’s logo. WTF!

      Other ideas the Bells Corners BIA might steal:
      – Listing of names and workplaces of all the board members
      – When they meet and how to get items on the agenda
      – A newsletter, available in PDF from the site
      – Sweet directory of the businesses, sortable by name or type.

      – Something as radical as a real website would be nice too.

      • margaret says:

        Yup … that’s what I noticed solid line and dots = Vancouver’s Commercial Drive BIA logo. Not only borrowing their banners but also part of their logo!

        – If I were Alex I’d hang my head in shame. He must rue the day he met RC on that dark and stormy night at the Cock and Bull. How different his life would have been if he hadn’t let Rick sweet-talk him into joining Team Chiarelli.

  3. Fed up in College Ward! says:


    I have to agree with the comments about Rick hiding things until the last moment. After the Robertsson Road fiasco I doubt there is anyone prepared to trust anything Rick says.

    As this new development is right down my street, I am curious how one would find information on donations Rick received for his election campaign? I am interested specifically, in any information regarding donations from local developers. I just have a hunch ……….and would like to see if I am right!

    Oh and by the way, certain people who work for Rick should be really careful texting while driving in and around Bell’s Corners. I now carry a camera with me at all times; hint, much like the one I always see you with!

    Fed up in College Ward!

    – Glad to oblige:

    Rick’s corporate donors

    Rick’s ‘private’ donors (often the owners of the corporations and their families)

    the full Monty on the City site (click Rick’s name in Ward 8, College) to download the complete file

    • margaret says:

      Welcome aboard the train of discontent.

      – It’s a crazy train indeed.

    • The amount people donate is just too insignificant. You can’t really motivate people to do things with a few hundred dollars. Rick’s material possessions are very unimpressive, so unless he isn’t spending any of it, I really don’t imagine that there are any non-documented gifts. I think for Rick it is more a psychological need to be the big guy and useful to important people. I am fairly sure that it’s about trying to buttress his self-worth rather than any kind of monetary gain.

      – I’ve heard rumours about “non-documented gifts” but I haven’t blogged about the details since I can’t confirm them.

      Politicians understand that, in return for their huge salaries, generous pensions and the delights of political power, they have to give up some of their privacy. But I don’t want to carry it too far.

      To be fair to Rick, let me be clear – I have NO evidence that RC has done anything illegal (nothing admissible in court, anyway).

      I am NOT saying that he’s a criminal. A $300 campaign contribution from the Francis family did NOT buy them the renaming.

      But do the tens of thousands of dollars RC receives from developers, consultants, contractors, etc. influence Rick’s world-view?

      Is Ottawa ruled by developers and their political allies? The Citizen seems to thinks so: “Residents, many of whom are property owners, wonder if the development community runs this municipality.”

  4. TonyL says:

    Sad to see that Rick Chiarelli would allow the developers to tear down 85 perfectly decent townhouses for this, so some developer can get his way. Reminds me of what he tried to do the Bellwood Mobile Home Park in 2008: dirty, dirty, dirty. No Logic! Just dollar signs!

    – The most dangerous spot in Bells Corners? For RC it would definitely be Bellwood. If he went for a stroll there he wouldn’t last long before someone ran for a bucket of tar, some feathers and a rail.

  5. Ronnie Mac says:

    A few comments from someone who has specialized in copy write law for different firms here in Bells Corners (and may I say, someone who is quite surprised by this sites obvious infringements – Use of corperate logos, photos, characatures, etc.)

    Upon first viewing, the banners seem similar however upon further review, the Type Faces (Fonts) are different, Illustration Imagery is especially different and the designs in this format of banner are not the Intellectual Property of the designer and therefore not exclusive to the designer (they do not have a claim to that design). The words are different and the colour is different. Furthermore, just for sake of arguement, these seem to look better than the original.

    Day after day, I am amazed at the comments listed on this site (it keeps growing) and I’d urge people to be cautious about making accusations of copy write infringement without knowing their legal facts. Making an unfounded accusation publicly is just as problematic if it in any way affects the business operations of an organization.

    I try to catch up on this sites writtings and comments on a weekly basis, but as a 31-year resident of Bells Corners, it’s obvious you are not fostering an positive change for our area! With the exception of the Bike taxi (Great Idea) but let’s be honest, it wasn’t yours. Many cities have a free bike tax.

    Don’t think for one second I’m going to stop reading, I just wanted to ensure the proper information is given to your readers similar I’m sure to the goals of ottawacitycouncilwatch.

    Ronald MacFarlane

    – “Ronald” – thanks for your legal advice on “copy write” law and for contributing to the Bells Corners blog.

    • lol 🙂 You specialized in IP law and you don’t now how to spell copyright? It isn’t copy write — the term is copyright.

      Alex or Alex’s friend (my guess is Chiarelli staffer Mitton based on the style), this is a really sad and pathetic attempt. You really need to do better.

      Just for the record — I have a law degree (LLB) and my area of expertise is intellectual property law. This is a clear copyright violation and while nothing will come of it, the fact that the Bells Corners BIA choose to engage in behaviour like this is appalling. The BIA is the representative of the businesses and as such the actions of the BIA reflect on all the business owners. Most business owners do not want to be associated with unethical behaviour.

      Also, don’t threaten this site. My site will be back to being updated soon and I assure you it will have more than enough content for you to make empty threats against.

      – I’m not nervous about the possibility of being sued for this blog – as long as I adopt higher standards than Team Chiarelli and only report the FACTS, I don’t think I’m vulnerable.

      Freedom of expression and political speech are core values in Canada, and a recent court decision has addressed the issue of free speech on blogs.

  6. Gravy says:

    “someone who has specialized in copy write law for different firms here in Bells Corners”

    – It’s spelled c-o-p-y-r-i-g-h-t.
    – Using someone else’s logo is t-r-a-d-e-m-a-r-k infringement.
    – There are no intellectual property firms in Bells Corners, let alone “various.” They’re mostly family and estate firms here. The only lawyer named MacFarlane in Ottawa works for the public prosecution service. (Rick Chiarelli isn’t registered at all, but don’t tell Jay; Bob is legit.)

    I’d lay 10:1 odds that Robert MacFarlane is Alex, who I hope has by now apologized to Design HQ and Commercial Drive for the mishap visited upon him by his designer.

    – At 10:1 odds I’ll take that wager, since I’m only 80% sure that it’s Alex – Jay, Lida and JP can’t be eliminated from the lists of suspects.

  7. Rich Littleton says:

    Classic Rick!

    Come to think of it, Rick himself is a classic. I’d compare him to the ’57 Nash Metropolitan, a rounded quirky little underpowered car. An interesting little vehicle in its time, and always good for a few laughs – TV Detective Columbo drove one.

    There’s no talk of putting it back into production for 2014, when RC will certainly need some new wheels.

    – I’d compare him to a Panzer tank (with a broken tread), not to a dinky little Nash.

  8. Ronnie Mac says:

    In order to clarify, when I identified that I specializED in “copy write”, three things I feel I need to address. Number one, my computer has an aggressive form of auto-correct (American I believe) as recent difficulty with severe hand tremors (due to a double brain aneurism I suffered on December 20th 2010) has inhibited my ability type proficiently and has forced me into what I estimate to be, very early retirement.

    Secondly, I indicated I worked for firms. PERIOD. I did not stipulate LEGAL firms. Appreciate that I representED several companies, organizations, conglomerates, corporations, outfits, in Bells Corners.

    Third, fitting how you mentioned that “nothing will come of it” (refer to my earlier arguments) The reason nothing will come of it is primarily BECAUSE of the points I listed. (I will for sake of conviction believe that you have utilized your Bachelor of Laws and for that reason, we can argue the details for days without reaching, Chiarelli’s favourite word, a “compromise”)

    So, please understand I merely wrote here FOR THE FIRST TIME because this WAS my area of expertise and I felt it apposite to weigh in on an interesting conversation. I will guarantee I do not make this slip-up again. Thank you however for the less than constructive dissatisfaction with my writing ability.

    Not to worry, you have yet to see my chicken scratch hand writing and not surprisingly this was often a topic of conversation at rue Notre-Dame in my earlier years.



    – Okay, I’m convinced that you’re the real deal. Sorry for being so suspicious – Team Chiarelli has some shifty characters. So what’s your take on Bells Corners’ past/present/future?

    Rue Notre-Dame?

    • No, nothing will come of it because that is usually what happens in all minor legal disputes. Legal action is slow, expensive, and frustrating. To multiply that, the individuals who had their IP rights violated are on the opposite end of the country. It just is not worth it to do anything — that is very different than the claim that nothing could be done. These banners are IP theft and very blatant. The Bells Corners banners actually contain the Mark of the other BIA.

      Another example of this nothing-will-come-of-it response would be the slander of myself by Team Chiarelli. I could easily sue them and win, given all the lies they spread about me, but why would I? The damages are less than my time is worth. The only time you sue someone over relatively small issues is when there is a personal element to the conflict. Litigation for small amounts is never about the money and always personal.

      With respect to your status as a real person as opposed to someone from Team Chiarelli astroturfing — I am not really decided. Someone with your name is a resident of Bells Corners but that doesn’t preclude Team Chiarelli just appropriating that name. After all, this is the same group that completely fabricated a fictional person when trying to demonstrate support for the road name change. If they are willing to make up fake people when talking to the press then the idea that they would appropriate the name of a real and pretend to be that individual online is certainly a possibility.

      I don’t accept that the copy wright instead of copyright was caused by auto-correct. The same auto-correct allowed other spelling mistakes to go completely unnoticed. The post actually has at least four obvious spelling mistakes that any auto-corrected would have fixed or flagged. Further the errors in your original post go beyond that. You also spelled typefaces as two words when it is actually one. Further, you used typeface and font as interchangeable which is quite common in the general public but professionals know they actually have different meanings. Lastly, much like Rick Chiarelli there is no record of you ever being called to the bar so you were never a lawyer.

      If you are a real person then I am sorry for doubting you, but you have to understand that given the insane behaviour of Team Chiarelli, the most likely scenario from my perspective is that this is astroturing. I might be wrong, but it doesn’t matter, because real or fake doesn’t change the fact that you are simply incorrect about the copyright issue. Nothing will come of it but Alex should refuse to pay the designer who made these and he should apologize to the actual designer and the other BIA.

      I had to look up “astroturfing” (political aides posing as average citizens on talk-in shows and elsewhere in an attempt to influence public opinion). It’s a common ploy – for example, Larry O’Brien’s right-hand man resigned when he was caught, as did Rahim Jaffer‘s executive assistant.

      I’m sure RC didn’t have to look up the term – it’s one of his favourite tactics.

    • Gravy says:

      I’m not convinced. Browsers do have spell-check installed, usually American, but “copy write” isn’t an American spelling of “copyright.” (Which, incidentally, my American browser doesn’t flag as a misspelling requiring automatic or human intervention.) No browser, as far as I know, goes so far as to auto-correct, and if one out there does, it seems unlikely that it auto-corrected a correctly spelled word and skipped ‘corperate’ and ‘writtings’.

      Further, you would know, or should know, that the rights holder in this case is Commercial Drive (client) and not Design HQ (designer). While you might sincerely believe that changing a font makes a design materially different from the one that “inspired” it (it doesn’t), there is no innocent explanation for the inclusion and exact placement of someone else’s logo. Alex should man up and apologize to both: To Commercial Drive for stealing what they paid for– both their banner and their logo– and to Design HQ for engaging (however innocently) in lazy design theft.

      Alex, hat in hand: “We recently had some banners installed and it has come to my attention that the design, which is beautiful, is in fact yours. I am crawlingly embarrassed at the mishap and apologize. We change banners every three months but I understand if you want us to take them down now.”

      Them, graciously: “It’s fine, leave them up and enjoy them, but don’t let it happen again.”

      – Does Ronny Mac really exist or is he another Don Robertson? At this point I’m undecided.

      Maybe many of the characters who populate this blog are fictional creations, just more examples of astroturfing.

      For example, does wanderer really exist? Maybe her true name is Lida. And what about Rich Littleton? I’ve always suspected that it’s Jim Watson in disguise. And how can we be sure that TonyL is who he says he is? Maybe it’s just Earl McRae having fun stirring the pot.

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