lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 3)

There’s a heck of a lot of competition for the lunchtime dollar in Bells Corners, but there are also a heck of a lot of hungry customers prowling the strip at noon.

So most places are doing well – the Chiarelli/BIA tax levy won’t drive them out of business or out of Bells Corners – it’ll just cut into their profits a bit and set their teeth a-grinding.

But the renaming costs and the RC/Lewis dog and pony show will be the last straw for some.

I always thought that you have to be pretty desperate to grab a prepared sandwich at a Mac’s Milk store as your lunch.

Most of this grub is loaded with preservatives, shipped from steamy corporate sweatshops in Toronto and probably tastes like sawdust.

But there are exceptions! Mac’s also sells fresh healthy sandwiches prepared daily right here in Bells Corners by a family business (A Bis Gourmet – their production line is so clean you could perform surgery on it!).

The Bells Corners sandwiches are also at Second Cup and Timothy’s Coffee in Bayshore.

They aren’t the freeze-dried, preservative-sprayed mush of ill-repute. The buns and wraps are premium multigrain and ciabatta, they use real cheese and spring mix greens, and the selection is very large: vegetarian hummus, turkey with homemade pesto, madras chicken salad, etc. Everything is really fresh; they get two deliveries per day of bread and produce.

They have other choices for lunch at Second Cup, but nothing that I can get too excited about.

It’s a nice place to hang out – free wi-fi, comfy chairs, lots of light, etc.

A couple of other options for lunch:
Taste of Japan

Bohemian Kitchen

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3 Responses to lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 3)

  1. margaret says:

    Keep up the good work, oh Great Bells Corners Ambassador. Maybe you should hop on the BIA payroll for all the work you do in advocating for the community.

    – Nah, I’m retired now with a decent pension, so I’m not interested in being on anyone’s payroll, let alone Rick’s.

    But you can never have enough money, right? So a little payout from the BIA’s $250,000-a-year (?) budget might be nice to reward me for all the hustling I do on behalf of Bells Corners businesses.

    Forget about paying me a salary – fall banners have to be purchased and Alex’s office in the FreshCo plaza could use new furniture.

    Jim (BIA chair, not Watson), reduce Alex’s expense account by 10%, send the money to me and we’ll call it fair. Deal? I resigned in disgust from Team Chiarelli after you screwed me over for the outdoor rinks and the broken FREE bike-share promises, but everyone has their price, no? Bygones are bygones. Why not welcome me back on board? Rick, as long as you agree to dump Jay and rein in the overexcited Francis family I’m open to negotiations. Cut me a backroom deal and we can go back to being buddies.

  2. margaret says:

    The a bis website is Montreal and Toronto … are the local sandwiches made on Stafford?

    – Yes, on Stafford West, off Moodie. These businesses are lucky – not being on the strip they don’t have to be BIA members and pay for the Lewis/Chiarelli tax grab.

  3. Rich Littleton says:

    Has anyone named a sandwich after Rick Chiarelli? It would go down nicely, but once eaten it would cause distress, angering the eater and cause them to soil their drawers. The downside would be no repeat customers.

    – What are the secret ingredients in the Rick Chiarelli sandwich? Doughnut parts? Sleazy sauce? Mary Pitt seasonings? Catholic/Italian salad dressing?

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