banned in Bells Corners

First I was banned from the Lynwood Village Community Association for opposing RC. Then I was banned from City Hall. And now I’ve been banned from Bells Corners drive-thrus, an especially cruel blow in the drive-thru capital of the world.

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi has been BANNED from most Bells Corners drive-thrus!

I discovered the ban when a couple of hungry tourists staying at the overpriced Holiday Inn wanted drive-thru service, like they’re accustomed to in the States where you can spend most of your day in your car. We were denied service at McDonalds, Tim Hortons and Harveys. It’s not that the managers or the employees have any problems with bike-taxis – most decisions are made at corporate headquarters, not at the local level.

Will the bike-taxi be banned form the new drive-thru drugstore across from the Hooters?

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4 Responses to banned in Bells Corners

  1. margaret says:

    Your blog has provided more advertising for Bells Corners than anyone else, including local eateries and they now turn on you.

    You have been banned from driving-thru in Ottawa’s drive-thru village.

    Single-handedly you act as the goodwill ambassador for Bells Corners and this is the thanks you get. Sad.

    – Yes, it’s cruel and unusual punishment – if I get a sudden craving for drive-thru shopping I’m forced to take my car or just walk-thru.

  2. TonyL says:

    That sucks! I don’t see the reason why – it’s a 4 wheel vehicle with a clean engine that’s even less polluting than a Prius (unless you’ve had beans for supper)!

    Don’t fret it though, they wouldn’t let my friend Steve reverse his car through the McDonalds drive-thru a few years back.

    Silly Rules = no fun and potential sales lost!

    – It’s basically an insurance/safety issue, with “nanny-state rules” imposed on the locals by the corporate lawyers and bean counters.

  3. Rich Littleton says:

    It’s something to do with metal detectors at the ordering post needing to be triggered by the large masses of metal on cars, horseless carriages and motorcycles. If the detectors don’t get triggered confusion happens at the takeout window.

    I should know, my brother and I went through a McD’s drive-thru on our bicycles 30 years ago and it caused chaos with the orders.

    – Ah, yes, 30 years ago – the good old days of Nepean, when Ben ran the ship, Bells Corners was in its prime and McDonald’s hamburgers were only a nickel.

  4. wanderer says:

    Go away for a week and Bells Corners goes to h… in a hand basket. It’s totally unfair to ban you and your passengers from drive-thrus! I agree that you have given the merchants in BC a lot of good advertising, and in fairness, they could at least send someone out to take your order, and deliver it to you in gratitude. Good to be back and catch up on news.

    – I’m going to boycott Big Macs and double-doubles until Ronald and Tim come to their senses and remove the ban.

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