snowplow vandals run amok

Al Gardiner writes: The cemetery gate was knocked down and supports were damaged last winter – no evidence as to what smashed into it, but a theory is that a snowplow hit it, therefore leaving no parts or pieces behind.

The damage is apparently soon to be repaired.

– I’ve glad it was a snowplow and not vandals. Same deal here:

That graffiti on the brick is pretty nasty- that church is so beautiful and it’s so expensive to clean up spray paint on brick. It’s a shame how a ten-second outburst of rage/stupidity can cost so much.

Thankfully Bells Corners is more or less graffiti-free– this is partly because of the City’s excellent “nip-it-in-the bud” policy. It costs quite a few bucks, but when you look at a neighbourhoods where the tagging gets out of control, it seems like a wise investment.

Bells Corners vandalism is, for the most part, petty stuff.

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