Rick’s spending spree

Rick’s been going on a tear with our money!

Burning through about $15,000 a month to pay his political aides like Jay and JP, he’s managed to spend at least a hundred grand so far this year on office expenses, for example:

pizza and pop for kids
– mysterious “donations, sponsorships and memberships”
– huge amounts spent on “constituent communications and web services”
– receptions, breakfasts, luncheons, hockey tickets, swag, etc.
– “external services” and consultants

I tried to track down a rumour that he’s using taxpayer funds for monthly manicures and pedicures at Spahara’s but very few details are provided to the taxpayer.

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3 Responses to Rick’s spending spree

  1. If I am not mistaken every councillor has $250,000 for the year and I expect that most councillors likely spend the full amount. That the city has 23 councillors is a ridiculous waste of money, but with respect to the actual spending Rick, is no different than any of the other councillors. It isn’t like Rick is pulling a Radwanski — Rick’s spending is fairly standard.

    The only notable difference is that the other councillors get much better value for the $15,000/month while Rick spends it on incompetent staff but I am fine with that. If Rick wants to handicap himself that really isn’t something I’ll discourage.

    – It’s really all about value for our municipal tax dollars – it’s clear that we’re not getting it. Too many politicians, too many City bureaucrats, too many nonsensical decisions made in backrooms to favour special interests.

    Rick’s probably the worst example in terms of duplicity and foolishness, but many of the councillors aren’t much better.

  2. margaret says:

    Where’s the spirit of Nepean when we need it?

    What happened with Robertson/Richmond would NEVER have been allowed pre-amalgamation, when there was a definite City driven/applied process.

    NOT a “councillor process.”

    People would’ve been informed and listened to.

    – Rick is surely the councillor who consults the least. To give him credit, he does go through the motions from time to time.

  3. Rich Littleton says:

    RC and the fellows maybe going to Spahara’s for matching wax jobs, Brazilians and a back wax. Anything is within the realm of possibility when to comes to this gang of merry men.

    – You can be sure that will be many more surprising revelations as the RC in BC saga unfolds.

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