irresponsible cycling

Cyclists are SO selfish and for too long they’ve had their own way. This Laurier bike lane nonsense is just the last straw. Take a gander at this video, but be prepared to be scandalized by cyclists riding on sidewalks, not wearing helmets, listening to MP3 players while chewing gum, demanding expensive infrastructure at taxpayer expense, terrorizing pedestrians and punishing car drivers until they’re ready to explode (or at least write a letter to the Sun).

That’s certainly not our vision in Bells Corners where we LOVE our cars and HATE our taxes. Thank goodness we have a forward-thinking councillor to protect us from bike-riding Glebe pinkos.

The irresponsible cycling terrorist who is promoting this disgusting video should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

(I must say that the bike-taxi featured in the video is pretty cool, but everything else is EVIL.)

Look at these fools! Disgusting!

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