sidewalk door fells pedestrian

It’s not always easy being a pedestrian in Bells Corners.

The councillor boasted during the election campaign about securing a million dollars in tax dollars for renovating our main street, including “new sidewalk construction through most of the strip.”

Huh? Anyone who uses active transportation on the strip can tell you that Rick’s million-dollar boondoggle did NOT lead to “better walkability and bikeability” – things are even worse now! I guess it’s another funny example of Things Rick likes to say.

Another problem area for pedestrians in Bells Corners is to be found in the “Starbucks Plaza,” one of the most dangerous spots in Bells Corners. You have to watch out for automatic doors flying open in your face.

Staples uses sliding doors, a nice courtesy to pedestrians, but Shoppers and Winners went the cheap route, with disastrous consequences for an unwary pedestrian.

Almost as bad as being doored by a toilet!

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