lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 1)

Where do people eat lunch in Bells Corners? Non-commuting residents probably just eat at home.

And most non-residents who work in our wonderful community (high tech workers, silly servants, General Dynamics people, lawyers, ordinary wage slaves, etc.) just brown-bag it and eat on the job.

I don’t blame them – everybody is affected by soaring taxes, even the affluent. If you eat at your desk it’s not only cheaper, it’s probably way healthier.

But it’s nice to go out for lunch, and in Bells Corners lots of people do – on a sunny day the strip’s sidewalks are teeming with hungry workers sprung from their cages for 40 minutes, enjoying the noxious fumes and visual delights of the strip.

This guy swears by Gows – he’s been going there forever and loves it, even though he agreed with me that the atmosphere’s kind of drab and the choices in the buffet are limited. I ate there once with a City worker and I enjoyed it, but I was sorry later that I had eaten so much – all-you-can-eat buffets bring out the glutton in me. I also overindulged in deep-fried artery-cloggers, like these sweet-and-sour duckling parts.

I suspect the “lunch buffet” and the “diner (sic) buffet” are the same thing. Wonder what the “lunch special” is?

Down the road a bit is a new place, Miki’s Prima Pizzaria – it opened a couple of months ago after the Turkish guy moved on (he had run Prima Pizza for over 20 years). The new people freshened the decor and made other upgrades, and so far they love it here in Bells Corners – lunchtime was busy during the school year (it’s the closest fast food joint to Bell) and summer business has been good so far.

I sampled the vegetarian sub – mmmm, lots of fresh ingredients. Some protein would have been nice, but it was quite tasty.

Other lunch choices in the area include:
T ‘n T Fries – they pack a wallop!
You can’t say his fries aren’t fresh!

potato-slicing machine

Vera’s Burger Shack seems to have a lot of fans.

These two diners gave Quiznos two thumbs-up.

Right next door is Extreme Pita – this local worker gave it top marks for the atmosphere, the healthy ingredients and the cheerful staff.

There’s always Pizza Pizza in the beer store plaza if that’s what you like.

Still hungry? Come back later for lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 2)

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5 Responses to lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 1)

  1. Vena says:

    I hear wonderful things about a hidden Indian restaurant called Ishina’s. Apparently, it’s more of a take-out joint with very limited hours, but it does serve a lunch buffet. I must venture over to try it when it’s not so busy. It’s located off Stafford Road on Bexley. Some photos of their buffet would be appreciated.

    D’Arcy McGees is great too. Best pub (I’ve been to) in the city for friendly, attentive staff and a relaxing lunch atmosphere. Good pub decor and food quality is a step up from the normal super greasy pub fare.

    – I’ll include both places in
    Lunchtime in Bells Corners (part 2). I already posted about Ishina. D’Arcy’s I like because I know someone who works there. The authentic Irish decor is kind of cool, but why are the waitresses wearing sexy Scottish kilts?

  2. Drifter says:

    Koi Asia is a fairly new place in the Pizza Hut plaza. Highly recommended! I’ve only had take-out but the place looks pretty snazzy.

    Koi Asia is a great place- I don’t go out to restaurants often in Bells Corners but I’ve been there three times already! Healthy, tasty fare in a pleasant atmosphere. Even my mom liked it, and she’s not normally a fan of this type of restaurant.

    Another choice for Asian food lovers is La Cuisine Pacific Rim. It used to be West Side Station or WestSideAction, something like that.

    I went inside and the atmosphere was very classy – it would be a good place to take a date or celebrate a special occasion (expect to pay a bit more than what it costs for a belly-busting pig-out at McDonalds). On the other hand, we’re not talking Al’s Steakhouse hoity-toity prices.

  3. Yaknow says:

    Excellent promotion for the restaurants in Bells Corners – finally somebody actually spreading the good news about the fun places to eat and small businesses close to home!

    I think you need a passenger for the next lunchtime tour.


    – Sure, come along for my next culinary foray along the strip – there’s no shortage of places to “review.”

    Anyone else want to go for a spin?

    If you want to book a ride on the Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi just email me and suggest a time and a place.

    It can be a quick spin around the block, a ride to the library or a store, a guided tour of interesting places in Bells Corners, a tranquil cruise through beautiful Lynwood Village, etc.

    I pick up and drop off anywhere in Bells Corners. There’s no catch – it’s safe, FREE (tipping is not allowed) and, as far as I know, legal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My favorite Bells Corners eatery . . . Bohemian Kitchen in the Bells Corners Mews Plaza.

    – I blogged about liking the Bohemian Kitchen but lawyer Peter Mirsky, who represents the mall’s owners, not so much.

    He argued very forcefully and persuasively in North Gower about the many flaws in Rick’s renaming fiasco. Why did he change his tune so quickly? I know that Rick and his boys can be pretty persuasive, both with the carrot and with the stick, but I’m still surprised by his sudden affection for rebranding and readdressing. His tenants aren’t so keen.

  5. Gravy says:

    Peter Mirsky drank the Kool-aid, big time. After the BIA meeting he was suddenly giving us a hard time about being “competing interests”(?!) who just for some reason have it in for Rick Chiarelli — attributable always to some grand conspiracy against him and not a fair judgement of his refusal to restore the Status Quo. Mirsky actually accused me of being uncooperative for wanting to vet All Robertson with the city offices that had previously cautioned against it.

    39 Robertson has a lot of vacancies right now; I don’t know how he hopes to fill them when new tenants will have to change their address twice in less than a year. Out of self-interest alone he ought to have been more steadfast in his objection to the name change, because it’s a renters’ market all over the city.

    When the ward Councillor and BIA are so inept and self-regarding that they act as a muzzle instead of an advocate for the sake of imaginary point-scoring, it removes an important disincentive to folding your tent and relocating.

    One of the biggest problems with Chiarelli and the BIA, as seen through the lens of the renaming, is that they introduced an element of arbitrariness to an area that previously had none. Businesses typically sign five-year leases, so it stands to reason that at any point one-fifth of the businesses can move if they want to. I know of two that are taking off, since they’d been kicking around the idea already and they’ll have to change their address anyway.

    – Pretty sad. Bells Corners business owners and the residents deserve so much better. We’re sitting on a gold mine here in our amazing community and Rick and Alex are pissing it all away.

    Imagine what could have been done with the millions of dollars, both public and private, that have been wasted so far on Rick’s follies. And it’s only going to get worse if the runaway Chiarelli skateboard can’t be stopped.

    Luckily Bayshore Shirley is on the case. Many others, from ordinary Joes/Jills to high-flying insiders, have had enough and are ready to shoot down the lame and floundering duck.

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