“just slamming things through”

OttawaCityCouncilWatch has scooped the Citizen, the Sun, CBC, Le Droit, OttawaThisWeek and OttawaEMC with its breaking Bells Corners news.
Rick is looking a bit punch-drunk – he’s resisting the compromise and is going pedal-to-the-medal (even if the Rickmobile has no brakes).
Mark Taylor is starting to feel the pressure – he’s caught between a rock and a hard Jim.

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2 Responses to “just slamming things through”

  1. wanderer says:

    So, what is our status on the name change now? Today’s Sun sounded like the council had no intention of revisiting the name change, and the gutless mayor has no intention of revisiting the change unless 75% of the councillors agree to retract their support.

    I am totally frustrated that RC is bullying his way forward despite all the opposition to his ‘historic’ mark (blight) on Bells Corners. He’ll become the most hated councillor in this region, and has not a hope in hell of being re-elected (which is maybe what he wants, as he tries to win a seat as a Liberal MP or MPP). He’s never had a real job in the real world, and I can’t imagine him doing very well where he actually has to be held accountable for his actions.

    Please, somebody tell me that this is not a fait accompli already, that the councillors who are on our side, will quietly fold their tents and let this atrocity pass. I would weep, and have at times, at the thought of a councillor who has no intention of listening to the people he is supposed to represent, and instead, goes with the monied folks who can buy his attention.

    Obviously, I have nowhere to turn to impress on the powers that be that this action is unacceptable, and is not the will of the residents of Bells Corners, just the will of an obstinate, insensitive, and boorish councillor who wants what he wants, when he wants it.
    PS – Where is Don Robertson?????

    – I can’t see Rick running for the Liberals, even if they wanted him (which they don’t). He’d love to hop on the Conservative bandwagon with his buddies Rusty and Pierre but they’re too smart for that. Hearing Lowell and other CFRA guys mocking Rick and tearing a strip off his hide was the last straw.

    Maybe he could get a job in Baird’s office (who got his start in politics by working as Rick’s office boy). Rusty could send the Ghadafi lookalike on the next secret trip to Libya.

    • John says:

      Umm, he’s a Liberal.

      – He’s only a Liberal when the Liberal brand is in favour. In the current political climate he’s a staunch Conservative, best buddies with Rusty (a childhood friend and his former employee), Pierre and Lisa (who now want NOTHING to do with their erstwhile buddy now that he has egg all over his face).

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