dumb and dumber

Citizen council briefs by the Ottawa Citizen

The 14-kilometre stretch of Richmond Road that runs south from Moodie Drive to Eagleson Road will be getting a new name. In about a year, it’ll be called – wait for it – Old Richmond Road, after council approved the change Wednesday morning.

Councillors Jan Harder, Rainer Bloess and Diane Holmes dissented. There’s been ongoing controversy about the Richmond Road name-change, although not this part of it. Many residents and business-owners have protested the changing of Robertson Road, which connects with Richmond Road in Bells Corners to the northeast, to Lloyd Francis Boulevard.

The Richmond Road name change was introduced by College Councillor Rick Chiarelli in order to, among other things, help “wayfinding.”

Some businesses on the western end of Richmond find their shipments, not to mention their customers, end up in Westboro, the eastern end of the street, he said. Council had already approved the Robertson Road name change and is unlikely to revisit its decision.

– Has the anonymous Citizen journalist documented a single case of a business suffering because the delivery drivers get Westboro and Bells Corners mixed up? Or is he relying on a ‘tip’ from Rick, in spite of his tendency to serve up big whoppers.

Apparently delivery drivers and first responders aren’t the only ones who are easily confused when it comes to wayfinding their way around.

Luckily the City has spent HUGE sums of money installing thousands of signs so that if the Big One ever hits we’ll be able to flee the city efficiently (with a stop at the Mongolian Village for a snack if time permits).

from Laura Muellar’s story

“All of us on the committee feel very strongly that city staff and council and have ignored the policy (on renaming) that they already have,” Barrett said. “It’s not that they don’t have a policy, it’s just that it’s not enforced and it can be wiped away at the whim of a councillor.”

College Coun. Rick Chiarelli said he went around the naming policy for Lloyd Francis Boulevard in order to do more public consultation. The policy calls for 60 days, while the councillor drew the process out for about a year.”

That Ricky! Circumventing City policy so he can do even more consultation! Working on constituent complaints at 3 in the morning! And yet he still finds to time to
volunteer at the Westcliffe coop.

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