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The past couple of days two guys have been working hard ‘upgrading’ the numerous billboards that have been springing up in Bells Corners.

The old billboards featured static panels, whereas the new ones rotate through three different ads.

What do you think of this latest ‘improvement’ to the strip? We seem to have more than our share – can’t they put some of them in the Glebe or in Westboro?
This truck driver stopped at the Starfries chip wagon, and he was sad to learn that his favourite Tim Hortons will close once the new Timmys Double-double Drive-thru opens.

“Did you know that it was the first Tim Hortons in Ottawa?” he asked. “It was built in the seventies and was only renovated once since then, when they removed the counter and the stools, and stopped making the doughnuts on the premises.”

What will happen when it closes? The rumour is that the Stillwater Creek Retirement Community has purchased the land, has its eye on the Dairy Queen property and already owns the church beside it. Maybe they’ll be putting up another tower there?
Another addition to the strip – a new elite hockey training facility.

Work on the drive-thru drugstore continues.

Hey! You’re blocking the ‘sidewalk.’

The place to be on July 1 at 11 a.m. will be on the strip to see the Bells Corners Canada Day Parade.

The Bells Corners FREE Bike-taxi will be one of the many floats in the parade.

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5 Responses to strip news

  1. margaret says:

    Billboards – just what Bells Corners needs to enhance the scene.

    These things are eyesores, a blight on Bells Corners.

    BC as a beauty spot for business and tourists – LOL!

    The city has to stop this sort of thing. I’m sure the Holiday Inn is pleased to see the new one there.

    Was the community ever asked about this?

    The city also has to rethink the electricity/telephone cables and bring the area into the 21st century – they are still in the 1950s.

    And the condition of the sidewalks on Richmond that were only redone when? Last year? And why wasn’t a bike lane included?

    And why is there no BIG PLAN? Just lots of little bits and pieces that do not go together to make a full jigsaw.

    – The community was NOT consulted about the monster billboards in Bells Corners.

    It was discussed at Council quite a while back and Rick voted in favour. He was one of the cheerleaders for cashing in (to pay for City Hall waste and huge councillor salaries) by welcoming the giant billboard companies with open arms. Other councillors had serious reservations about commercializing public space to this extent, but Rick and Larry won the day.

    What our about our youth – do we want to bombard them even time they go out on the strip with gigantic dynamic billboards extolling the virtues of drinking and overconsuming?

    As for the BIG PLAN – you have to be on Team Chiarelli to know what it is. I can only tell you that it involves a Candy Cane Parade on the strip, lots of profits for Rick’s developer buddies and a tightly-controlled Community Design Plan (that will begin once Rick has consolidated his control of Bells Corners community associations).

  2. TonyL says:

    Rick is just gearing us up for another one of those 80 square meter Ikea digital signs in the future… for the Blvd. of Broken Dreams!

    – In 2006 he ran on improving the aesthetics of the strip. Is there anything else in the TeamChiarelli Plan other than poor-quality red paving stones, gargantuan dynamic signs, faded-out banners advertising the BIA, and tulips planted on the weed strip?

  3. reidjr says:

    As for the billboards, the bottom line is we need them. I’m not saying billboards should be on every corner but stores and companies have to be able to get their messages out.

    I have been to areas where there are far more billboards then we have in Bells Corners.

    We have three – it should be cut to two and that will that happen, I hope.

    Calling them monster billboards and saying that locals should be consulted – we can’t keep going down this path, consulting on every single thing. Nothing will get ever done if we do.

    We also can’t say that billboards shouldn’t show drinking etc. I for one don’t want a nanny state.

    Things could be better but billboards should NOT be banned – that would not be a good thing.

    – Rick would certainly agree with you that consultation just gets in the way and slows things down (unless you have pseudo-consulations for the price of a box of doughnuts). Why consult with the people? They get their chance to be consulted every four years – we call them elections. Residents voted for Rick, so that means he should be able to do whatever he wants without having to consult people or even tell them what’s going on. Right?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I went and took a good look at this so called new sign, the base looks like rusted scrap metal probably 20 years old, on the one side that doesn’t have the rotating
    ads. It looks sun faded and old and the whole sign looks ghetto.

    What a bad choice for selling Bells Corners as a place to come to.

    – Here’s a picture of this public monument.

    We’re bombarded by ads everywhere we turn – do we need them on the strip too?

    Misspelled, fluorescent ‘temporary’ signs along the strip? Definitely tacky, but not as objectionable as huge corporate billboards peddling a brand of beer or peddling.

    Sure, they’re profitable for the City, but is it really worth it?

    Rick says “you’re damn right it is!”

    I’m not so sure.

  5. TonyL says:

    re. “Here’s a <a href="picture of this public monument” – that’s exactly what it looks like now.

    I’ve seen toilet plumbing/drainage look more attractive than the base of this atrocious monster billboard. It’s not even beside Classixxx – it’s planted right in front of our new flagship hotel!

    Lovely Detroit-style scenery for our Bells Corners guests!

    – We’ve already got Detroit TV stations on cable, so we might as might add Motor City-style streetscaping too.

    Next thing you know Diana Ross and the Supremes will be buying a Lynwood Village bungalow.

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