What do these pink lines mean?
– Your guess is as good as mine, but maybe this photo provides a clue.

Which famous Bells Corners celebrity was spotted at the Harvey’s drive-thru?
– The same guy who takes credit for the sudden proliferation of drive-thrus in Bells Corners (the new drive-thru mega drugstore, the new double-double drive-thru, etc.). He ran on a platform of making Bells Corners a place to drive-thru.

Should Daddy stop the car?
– Not unless he wants to reward screaming.
How many spelling mistakes can you spot?

Is there hanky-panky going on here?
– Maybe, but the letters are Tim’s way of saying ‘Thank you’ to the people who participated in a fundraising initiative.

Why is this man happy?
– The Bruins just scored at Local Heroes.

Is this a good parking job?
– Not if you’re a pedestrian, a wheelchair user, a sidewalk rider or you’re pushing a walker. The sidewalk’s already narrow enough, thanks to Rick’s million-dollar weed strip.

Why are these people wearing red?
– It was Friday and most of them work at General Dynamics.

Was a cyclist really doored by a toilet?

Where can you get an awesome bike almost free?
Recyclore at St. Paul H.S., Mondays and Fridays, 4-10; Saturday, noon-3

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