squirrel poop

Earl is once again tearing strips off Rick’s political carcass.

Most experienced observers consider the wily career politician dead meat, but NEVER underestimate our cunning Bells Corners career politician.

Eight councillors out of 23 still believe in the discredited RC/Ben Franklin brand?

I wonder who they could be.

Keith Egli for sure, since he and Rick are old St. Pius buddies.

Katherine Hobbs? Yup, she’s dancing with Rick, if you can believe media reports. There must be a story there.

Mark Taylor and Steve Blais (members of Watson’s Liberal slate) are surely Rick-friendly.

Bob Monette and Maria McRae probably support Mr. Doughnut. Like Rick, they’re huge football fans with a direct financial connection to the most important developers.

David Chernushenko is, I’m sad to say, in the Chiarelli camp. I heard him on CFRA saying that Chiarelli’s staff had convinced him that the whole renaming fiasco “made sense.” Damn, I used to believe in that guy.

Hubley? Yes, ideologically he and Rick are two peas in the pod. At least Hubley has solid community credentials (even if he is a fervent Larry O’Brien fan).

That makes eight. How am I doing, Brian?

It’s a matter of getting three more votes on council.

Gentle reader, if you’re related to (or contribute to) any of the above-named councillors (or if you live in their jurisdiction) please fire off an email: “Mr. Politician, if you want any chance of getting my vote in 2014, slap down Coun. Chiarelli! This Robertson Rd. renaming business is squirrel poop.”


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1 Response to squirrel poop

  1. As far as I know David Chernushenko supports Councillor Clark’s effort to restore the name of the street. It is possible that Rick has somehow managed to get him to switch sides again but I have e-mails from him to one of his constituents where Coun. Chernushenko claims he originally voted for the name change but is now willing to reverse his decision given Rick’s behaviour.

    – That’s good news – I was just going by the comments he made on CFRA quite a while back. So if David is on board then one of the other councillors I assumed to be in the Robertson camp must be in the Watson/Chiarelli camp.

    Maybe Diane Deans or Peter Hume?

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