mystery photos 13

Where can you find this delightful garden, on Cherrywood or on Ridgefield?

Is this bike, tethered at Robertson and Westcliffe, safe from the vandals?

– Not if someone decides to steal it. Cable locks don’t provide nearly as much protection as u-locks – they’re too easy to cut. The front and back wheels and the seat are quick release, so they could disappear in a second.

I’m not saying bike theft is a problem in Bells Corners like it is downtown – I have no problem locking up my bike with a dollar store lock as I do my rounds in Bells Corners.

But if I locked up one of my ‘good’ bikes for the day I’d want it properly secured for peace of mind – seat, wheels and frame.

Free HD tv in Bells Corners? Is that possible?

– Yes, if you’ve got a recent model t.v. you can just hook up a pair of cheap rabbit ears and you get awesome free HD programming – at least four or five stations plus the VHS channels. So imagine how sweet it must be with home-made antennas like this guy.

Why three antennas for one tv? One’s pointing at the Gatineau Park tower, another at the tower south of Barrhaven and the third picks up PBS from the States.

Did Alex Lewis or Jay Tysick vandalize this sign?

At this point they are certainly the prime suspects, possibly flinging coins at the sign until it crashed to the ground like Saddam’s statue. “Take that, Bells Corners history!” the vandals probably chanted as they did their dirty deed.

What does “BH” mean?

The borehole enables City engineers to tell how much their projects will be over budget. The borehole results on Rick’s downtown tunnel were disastrous, leading to a one-third reduction in the tunnel’s length.

Once they finish drilling these boreholes they make only a half-hearted attempt to fill them in. The old boreholes on Timm Road are quite dangerous for cyclists.

Where can you buy this body armour?

At Frank Dinardo’s, Bells Corners best bike store – best mechanics, best bikes, best advice. Not necessarily the best prices, but, hey, you get what you pay for.

Whose day?

– Mother’s Day puts a little life and a street vendor on the strip. I wonder if he had to pay ‘rent’ to the Esso station to set up there?

Do people drive too fast on the Ridgefield Curve?


Where is this recycled sign located?

– Corner of Timm and Moodie. I know Rick takes great pride in claiming credit for pouring a ton of money into this intersection (traffic lights and sidewalks-to-nowhere cost a bundle!) but I’m not convinced that it was a good idea.

The councillor was whining that the intersection is busy on game nights. With the new lanes and lights Rick can shave at least two minutes off his trip to the corporate boxes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a wise use of tax dollars.

It’s certainly way more dangerous for cyclists now – whereas in the past traffic turning at the intersection had to make 90 degree turns, which kept speeds down, drivers now have long turning lanes. It only saves cars a second or two, but it puts cyclists in an uncomfortable position (between two lanes of speeding cars and trucks).

Who are these guys?

– Basketball players in Lynwood Park. Apparently RC tried to issue them with no trespassing orders after he found out that they had signed the petition.

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One Response to mystery photos 13

  1. TonyL says:

    BH means ‘bore-hole’ I believe (or bad-hole or big-hole if it’s a pothole).

    If it’s a mistaken drilling, then it means bogus-hole. The possibilities are endless.

    – It is indeed a borehole, on Timm Road.

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