Do not click on the CFRA link on the “mystery man’s” blog.

I did, and I ended of listening to a CFRA talk-in show, something I NEVER do. Thank god all those annoying Farm Boy ads are stripped out when you listen online, and you can skip the boring parts.

I was supposed to be working, but listening to Nick was just TOO FUNNY.

Sunny Side Nick, your “breakfast buffett” (sic) of topics is compelling radio drama – keep up the great work! Some say you’re scrambled, others say you’re hard-boiled, but most feel that you’re a dog’s breakfast.

But I like the way you’re not swallowing all of Rick’s crap whole – keep plugging away to get at the truth.

Poor Rick – when even Bayshore Shirley, failed Liberal Lowell, Nick and the Hotties for Harper start tearing huge strips off your carcass, you KNOW you’re in trouble!

Visit Lowell Green’s top secret website if you want the real story about what’s wrong with this country.


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