bear traps laid

The bear trappers, one from the federal government and one from the province, were on the job today.

The bears haven’t been captured yet (I hear that there are at least three and possibly a fourth), but I think their reign of of terror in Bells Corners may soon be over.

Meanwhile, other problems remain, like graffiti (today, Richmond/Lynhar)

traffic & accidents (yesterday, Robertson/Westcliffe)

raccoons in the attic (yesterday, Anwatin St.)

politicians’ dastardly deeds

crumbling churches

shopping cart theft

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2 Responses to bear traps laid

  1. Andre says:

    Uh, that’s not graffiti… those are utility markings put there so nobody digs up something they shouldn’t during construction.

    – I know, I was just making a dumb joke. But I bet I fooled some people!

  2. Bill W says:

    St Martin de Porres is undergoing a renovation of the front entrance. It is a 50th anniversary project for the parish.

    – It’s a beautiful church, one of many along ‘Parish Boulevard’ (Richmond Road).

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