mystery photos 12

Victoria Day is a good day to go for a bike ride in Bells Corners. With most of the shops closed and hardly anyone having to work, motorized traffic is cut in half, making it much more pleasant to cycle along the strip.

The Winners store was closed. Hmmm, I wonder why all the lights were on?

La Cuisine Pacific Rim, next to the Post Office, was also closed. It was reviewed by the Citizen’s restaurant critic when it opened (she also recently reviewed this place on Stafford).

The Giant Tiger was closed, yet its lights were blazing away.

Same story at Mark’s – store closed, lights on. Do they always leave them on, even at night? Is it to increase security by making a break-in less likely? To showcase the wares to window shoppers?

Pizza Pizza – open for some delicious corporate pizza.

No french fries for sale here on Victoria Day – the ChipWorks was closed.

The Cock and Bull on Lloyd Francis Boulevard – open!

Bike-share bikes outside the War Museum – open!

Recyclore at St. Paul H.S. – closed!

A family waiting for the bus on the Baseline bike lane heading into Bells Corners offers lilac bouquets to Recyclore volunteers.

Vera’s – closed and no lights on. Nobody’s going to break in here!

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One Response to mystery photos 12

  1. Anonymous says:

    What the heck – never seen that Chip Works place. Where was that in Bells Corners?

    – It’s still there, near General Dynamics. Best fries in Bells Corners after StarFries.

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