“Jeff” does something dumb

“Jeff” writes: Who were the 5 Chiarelli employees you referred to?

– It depends upon how you define the term ‘Chiarelli employee’. True, Nancy wasn’t there.

But let’s count: Jay, Jon-Paul, the dark-haired mystery woman, Alex Lewis, Lida, one of Rick’s daughters, and, of course, yourself.

What does that make, seven? That’s without counting the seven or eight other City employees, like the two bouncers and their boss, the three cops, the hapless bureaucrat and all the others who were summoned by the master career politician.

I can hear you sputtering already, “Jeff” – it’s outrageous to bring Lida and the girls into it!

I certainly wouldn’t want my daughters front and centre in an election campaign, but Rick needs something to humanize him. Let’s call a spade a spade – he has a bit of an ‘image problem’ if you know what I mean. I like him, but other people can be cruel.

All politicians post pictures of the kids and the missus at election time to show that they’re good family people, but RC carries it to sickening new heights.

For example, there were roughly 17 different photos of them in his campaign literature! Enough already!

But I’m not referring to that, “Jeff” – his daughters are key players on Team Chiarelli. They produced his nauseating campaign video (or is that another whopper, RC?), distribute his campaign literature, recruit Catholic high school kids as door-to-door fundraisers, and discuss strategy with Lida and Rick over doughnuts.

Rick is SO proud of the fact that he was elected while still a snot-nosed student, having successfully squeezed HUGE amounts out of the taxpayers so that we can have a faith-based school system in Ontario (just for Catholics, not for anyone else), rather than a public system that maintains the separation between church and state.

He’s been dining out on his Ben Franklin pay-as-you-go shtick ever since – if you’re Catholic, Italian, a developer/contractor, Rick’s your boy!

Last October he even phoned a candidate in a neighbouring ward, telling him to smarten up or he’d “call his Italians” and sink him on election day.

Rick’s grooming his daughters to carry on the family tradition. Somebody’s got to take over when he moves on to mayor or prime minister.

The girls are learning the ropes from Canada’s longest-serving professional politician: use the Family connections and developer money to build a huge campaign war chest. Tell whoppers, kiss babies, manipulate, intimidate, cut backroom deals, hire people just as devious and ruthless as you are – it’s ALL okay, girls, winning is all that counts.

Sorry to be so nasty in this post answering “Jeff’s” query, but he’s one of the scum passing on the nasty rumours about me, calling me a thief, a criminal, a litterer, a pedophile (classy, “Jeff”), and even (the lowest blow of all) a Liberal!

It’s all quite preposterous, but “Jeff” can sleaze away anonymously.

Or almost anonymously- maybe “Jeff” doesn’t realize that I have his IP address and I’m saving all of his hate-filled rants for my lawyers.

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2 Responses to “Jeff” does something dumb

  1. Sheila Forbes says:


    First off, I am one of the many that read your site on a daily basis. I might say however, as a small suggestion, that you better define what would constitute a “Chiarelli Employee”.

    My understanding from having contacted Rick’s office two weeks ago was that Nancy was no longer employed in the office. (I had been dealing with Councillor Chiarelli’s office, specifically Nancy, regarding dog walking by-laws in Centrepointe Park.) Furthermore, I have read several postings that include details of Alex Louis. Do you know in what capacity Mr. Louis is employed by Councillor Chiarelli?

    I can by no means assume that your website is ALWAYS factual however that may be the reason I read it. I suppose my guilty pleasures in life include a good box of chocolates, pino grigio white wine, the occasional National Inquirer newspaper and a daily read through of your blog. (Who needs facts when you’re making news! Ha! Ha!)

    Thanks for the laughter bellscorners.wordpress.com! lol

    Kind Regards,

    Sheila Forbes

    – Thanks, Sheila, for taking the time to write.

    I have NO IDEA how this blog will evolve – I obviously have my own agenda, like everyone else, but I also feel a great sense of responsibilty to the reader-participants (sometimes unfairly called ‘lurkers’). If so hundreds of people are checking my blog in search of a laugh or a tidbit of Bells Corners news, I don’t want to waste their time.

    If I got three or four comments saying “please blog about the schools,” for example, or about the local businesses, or “how about some restaurant reviews?” then I’d feel obligated to give people what they want.

    And, of course, it has to be what I want to do – I’m my own boss so I generally never do anything that I don’t want to do (unless it’s to help someone out).

    I feel that I’m doing a pretty good job of reporting the facts, but obviously it’s just a blog, so the journalistic standards you see in the Citizen or the Wall Street journal don’t apply. (I’m a lot more professional than the Pierre-Karl Péladeau rags, and I also have higher journalistic standards than the so-called ‘community’ papers. I don’t get ideas for my reporting by relying on the councillor’s ‘press releases’ and his secret calls.)

    So if I say something like “Jay used to be a door-to-door salesman” then I’m just needling Jay (for all the pricky things he’s done to me) but I’m NOT reporting a fact. I’m counting on the sophistication of my readers to know the difference – I think that it’s clear to almost all of my readers that this blog is a form of satire, what Rick and his ilk love to call “spinning.”

    I didn’t know that Nancy had moved on, but I’m not surprised. RC has bled a lot of support since his renaming blunder, but I’m NOT reporting it as a fact that Nancy left because she was terribly shaken by the reception that RC got at the Stillwater Creek Retirement Community.

    She was still working for RC then (you can see her in the Citizen’s Stillwater video). And she was definitely still on Team Chiarelli at the Piping in the Photo Ops event – you can see her in my Youtube taking photos and clapping like mad when Alex Lewis, Bill or Mr. Doughnut himself unleashed his silver tongue.

    Technically-speaking, Alex Jos. Louis is NOT a Rick Chiarelli employee. His $50,000-a-year salary (plus lavish fringe benefits) is paid for by the small business owners along the strip, and they’re NOT happy about it.

    But read OttawaCityCouncilWatch.com a bit and see if you think it’s unfair to label Alex as a Rick Chiarelli employee.

  2. Well that is a terrible loss for Rick. Nancy was the only person on his team who was somewhat qualified and for whom we had some respect.

    Besides being a liar, the individual who wrote the timeline handout that the BIA is distributing to people, trying to justify the Robertson Road name change, is also not very smart.

    I really hope Nancy has chosen to go on to better things, but I have a bad feeling that her leaving and a new Chiarelli BIA initiative might not be a coincidence. Rick has already installed an horribly unqualified ex-staffer as the executive director of the Bells Corners BIA, so maybe it is Nancy’s turn to get a gift paid for by the business community.

    – I’m sorry to see Nancy go – as far as I know she is a completely honest, principled and talented person who just fell in with the wrong people.

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