crunch time writes: Are they afraid you’re going to show up and plant a garden?

…because they should be! Raise your spades!

– I’ll be bringing my shovel. If I’m not allowed inside the building, I may as well do some weeding in the LVCA community gardens while I’m waiting for the meeting to end.

Don’t ask ME what they’re afraid of. I am NOT dangerous so this “no trespassing business” is probably payback for questioning how City bureaucrats waste our precious tax dollars (maybe just calling them ‘bureaucrats’ is enough to make them see red – they prefer to call themselves “dedicated public servants” who richly deserve their six-figure salaries and are fully entitled to their entitlements).

I am NOT guilty of whatever I’m being accused of.

I haven’t done anything wrong, in spite of the outrageous rumours that RC’s staff is spreading about me (that I was “triple-dipping” at the rink, that I offered to shut down my blog for a $1000 under-the-table cash payment, and God knows what else).

Maybe I’m a mouthpiece and a thorn in RC’s side, but that doesn’t make me dangerous, not in a democracy. Ghadafi techniques have no place in Bells Corners, even if you’re somehow convinced that the means (corporate muscle and sleazy tactics) justifies the end (no more “pointless political wrangling” so that peace and harmony can return to the sleepy little Lynwood Village community).

Is there some way that we can reach a compromise agreement so that EVERYONE will be happy? Is that too much to ask? Do we need losers and winners? Don’t we all more or less agree on common sense initiatives for Bells Corners that will serve BOTH businesses and residents?

Alex is toast – that’s my prediction. But I guess it’s up to Bells Corners businesses to decide after they elect a new BIA board, at their next AGM if not sooner.

Rick is perhaps toast too, but don’t underestimate the wily career politician – maybe people will have forgotten all this by 2014 (if he doesn’t have to resign before the election).

Is there an outcome to tonight’s meeting that will allow EVERYONE to move forward in a positive direction?

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4 Responses to crunch time

  1. TonyL says:

    “Alex is toast” – toast can be buttered up and sweetened with honey, but the executive director of the BIA is beyond recovery, just burnt toast to be tossed in the green bin.

    Our best wishes for tonight Craig. There are a lot of people in Lynwood and BC behind you. Let’s get the ice back on the rink and the spirit of community trust back in our hearts.

    – Alex Lewis is a very talented guy, so he’ll no doubt land on his feet. He’s a bit young to be appointed to the Senate, but he’d make an awesome maître d’ or butler.

  2. TonyL says:

    I’d start him off as a dishwasher at Thorncliffe Retirement home – gotta work up the ladder ya know!

    – RC has more lucrative career opportunities to explore if he gets turfed in 2014.

  3. Vena says:

    Are all BC residents entitled to vote tonight or just those living in Lynwood Village?

    Good luck tonight Craig! Hope you’ll be ‘allowed’ to maintain the rink again so it can be functional and enjoyed by all.

    – Ouch! I just got a very nasty hateful anonymous email.

    The spin doctors are spinning like mad!

    One thing I have on my side is the truth.

    I have no idea WHO is allowed to vote or enter the building. We’ll soon find out!

  4. David myles says:

    I think this is all wrong not to let you into the meeting – it means that they have something to hide. I will speak up about the crap that’s going around about you. I’m on Tybalt so you know where to find me.

    – They’ve got a LOT to hide. As in skeletons in closets.

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