if you live in/work in/love Bells Corners…

…please vote in these polls.

It’s just a test, so don’t agonize over your choices. You’re only supposed to vote once, but RC supporters can vote multiple times by just switching computers (dirty tricks are RC’s stock-in-trade).

Maybe I’m toast and I’m going down in Thursday’s vote, but I’ll go down fighting!

Please send me other suggestions for polls (funny or serious) and I’ll add them to the list.

Are you going to vote in the crucial Thursday May 19 election?
Did you receive the white flyer about the vote (Thurs. May 19 at 7 p.m. in Lynwood Park, 7 Sycamore)?
Why do you read this blog?
Who did you vote for in last year’s municipal election for councillor?
Who will you vote for in the 2014 election for councillor?
Where do you live?
Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup?
bike paths, bike lanes – good or bad?
Richmond Road between the Pizza Hut and the United Church
Should the Bells Corners strip be renamed Lloyd Francis Boulevard?

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7 Responses to if you live in/work in/love Bells Corners…

  1. I’d be interested in hearing more about what exactly is happening on May 19th. I have heard people talking about it and I know that there is some kind of community election, but I don’t know much beyond that. If you can would you email me more details?

    – Sure, I’d be glad to. I was just putting the finishing touches on a post about the May 19 ‘public meeting,’ so it’ll be online soon. I’ll also send you a personal email.

    I looked at your website ottawacitycouncilwatch.com and I thought “wow!” I’m not the ONLY person who thinks that RC is past his best-before date.

    Thanks for the validation, OttawaCityCouncilWatch – I’m feeling energized.

    The rising popularity of my blog has put me in touch with people who AGREE with me that something smells BAD in Bells Corners.


    Rick has publicly (through an Ottawa Sun ‘journalist’) called me a “hate-blogger wacko” for trying to make him accountable. Sure, I’ve used RC-style spinning tactics, and I guess I’m a “troublemaker” and a “nattering nabob of negativism.” So?

    Thanks to the complicity of certain media collaborators, the story of Rick Chiarelli’s folly is now on the public record – his goose is cooked.

    Keep up the good work, http://www.ottawacitycouncilwatch.com, if nothing else you can at least watch over the worst aspects of having an undemocratic, suburban-sprawl-loving, developer-financed, backroom dealer as councillor.

  2. wanderer says:

    Who appointed the interim board? The board is supposed to be voted in by the people of the Lynwood community! This is preposterous.

    – When you say “Lynwood community” do you mean the Lynwood Village community?

    Who changed it from the Lynwood Village Community Association to the Lynwood Community Association?

    I’m not saying I’m against expanding the territory of our community association, but I don’t like seeing the venerable LVCA, with a proud history going back 40 years, annexed by an upstart Lynwood Community Association dominated by people who don’t even live in Lynwood Village. It’s a hostile takeover for political gain.

    • wanderer says:

      I mean Lynwood Village Community Association, as a former secretary/treasurer.

      – The flyer that RC delivered says “Lynwood Community Association” but the email address listed (the BIA office?) is LynwoodVCA@gmail.com

      Note the V. Cute, eh?

  3. TonyL says:

    As disturbing as Rick Chiarelli’s antics are, the BIA’s tactics are even more questionable.

    It has lost the faith of at least 100 Bells Corners businesses.

    Alex Lewis proposes helping local merchants with RC’s pet project. How does imposing an extra tax on struggling businesses (to pay for Alex Lewis’ bloated salary, BIA office space and BIA bonehead ideas)?

    I predict a total collapse of the BIA itself in the future.

    – They’d be smart to hold another meeting soon in order to vote in a new executive and hire a new executive director.

  4. Tony,

    Don’t worry – the BIA is next. We already have a plan for dealing with them, but I’m going to need some help from the businesses, and a little more time to get familiar with the relevant legislation. The plan was always to go after the BIA but that name change is time critical, while the BIA can wait a few more weeks.

    E-mail me at info@ottawacitycouncilwatch.com and we can talk.


    With respect to the name change, cracks are starting to form. Nothing significant has happened yet, but there has been some positive news.

    Thank you for calling into Lowell Green — we are disappointed in his lack of interest. The story is something he should have cared about, even if he doesn’t care about Robertson Road. This is much bigger than a story about a street name change, but rather about city councillors running their wards as little kingdoms. I find it very strange that he doesn’t care about politicians lying, ignoring the will of the people, and wasting money on vanity projects. We thought that was his whole shtick.

    – I’ve heard a rumour that the great Lowell Green himself is going to drop in to the public meeting on Thursday, to chew the fat with Andy Haydon and other Nepean icons.

  5. margaret says:

    This is how a BIA should work.
    The Quartier Vanier Merchants Association has existed since 1985.

    It represents 350 business members and is “dedicated to improving the life and prosperity of Vanier residents” – what a novel idea!

    They list their executive. They list the businesses. They even list other organizations.

    – It’s WAY better than Alex Lewis’ canned Flash site – that’s for sure. I didn’t see any budgetary info on the VanierBIA site – I guess it’s reserved for members only.

  6. wanderer says:

    Went to the Lynwood Village Community Association meeting tonight – totally disappointing. The interim executive led the meeting and announced that they would have elections for a new board, and that they would not be dealing with the name change of Robertson/Richmond Road.

    There were about 30 folks from Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence there, and they were furious that they had come to the meeting on the premise that they could vote on the name change. They all stormed out, and thus were not able to vote for the one person who said he would dedicate, as part of his platform, giving us a voice about the name change. Naturally, he didn’t win as president, but did step in as secretary.

    RC’s staff were there, as was Alex from the BIA, and a security person called the police when hibou showed up. Apparently they escorted him off of the property after three cop cars showed up.

    I volunteered to go with him, but being a gentleman, he declined.

    – What a farce.

    For once I’m speechless. Is Team Chiarelli really going to get away with it?

    You’ve got to admire their chutzpah. Alex was particularly pissed tonight, telling me that he hopes I “rot in hell” whatever that means.

    It hurts, because I look upon Alex as my long-lost son who can be redeemed, if he just stops bullshitting for a second.

    Jay was equally combative tonight – apparently my legs need to be “taken care of.”

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