mark May 19 on your calendars

wanderer writes:

1. It appears that there’s a Lynwood Village Community Association AGM on Thursday May 19th at 7:00 p.m. at the Lynwood community building.

Who is on the executive now? Presumably it would be wise for everyone to attend, so that the building is overflowing. If any city representatives or RC honchos/moles are there, what exactly should we do? I wasn’t at the meeting where the LVCA was dissolved by the councillor/Harry Splett et al, and need to know exactly what happened at that meeting.

2. Should we have a plan of action for this meeting, and what are the possibilities of taking back our LVCA?

3. Do we have someone in this group who could take care of any action plan?

– Thanks for letting me know, wanderer – I had heard rumours that there would be an election soon, but I couldn’t find out when/what/where/why or even WTF.

How did you find out? I hate it when everybody knows something except me.

1. The interim appointed board is composed of Jill, Kathy (Cathy?), two City bureaucrats (Fremp and Mike), an ex-officio member from Coffee and Company (Jennifer), Harry and Rick. That’s my best guess, anyway.

2. For the record, I’m showing up for this meeting to put forward my name for the LVCA board (if I’m allowed to and if I can trick someone into nominating me).

I DO NOT want to be president – we need a healer at this point, not a mouthpiece like me.

I would, however, be honoured to serve in any other capacity.

You need an executive, of course, too run a community association, but the community association belongs to everyone in the community, not just the handful of people who sit on the board (some of whom have huge axes to grind). Not everyone can come to meetings, so there should be the option of participating electronically.

LVCA board members don’t represent anyone other than themselves. I speak for no one but myself.

When there’s a decision to be made, it should be by a show of hands (or secret ballot) at a public meeting (or electronically), with board members just getting one vote like everyone else.

My only action plan is to keep following this intriguing drama and blog about it (not, however, to the exclusion of the other fascinating stuff that goes on in Bells Corners).

Just because we’re lucky enough to live in Lynwood Village, Bells Corners’ best neighbourhood, we can’t let this Bells Corners blog become Lynwood-centric.

Maybe some readers are getting tired of all this politicking (although you wouldn’t know it by the many hundreds of hits I get daily).

I better start cranking out some wacky posts about something else – maybe the lamentable state of our schools (I’ve got LOTS of great inside information), crime (two of my neighbours told me disturbing stories recently about the distressingly-frequent late-night sweeps of the streets by punks looking to rob and vandalize) or just plain neighbourhood gossip.

But really, we have to follow the RC story until it either peters out (because the media lose interest/Nancy Robertson gives up/RC mounts a successful counter-attack) or Council reverses its bone-headed decision. And I still have to post perjury part 2, complete with smoking guns.

Go Nancy go! Go Earl go! Go Katherine go! Go Randall go! Go Jan go! Rah! Rah! Sis boom bah!

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3 Responses to mark May 19 on your calendars

  1. wanderer says:

    I got a flyer in the mail and decided we needed to spread the word.

    I still don’t know how an appointed board can be the exec of the LVCA – if there is a way to vote all of them out, how do we go about this?

    Someone has to be up for leading the new executive, and since I did my bit in the early ’80s, new blood needs to show their conviction so that we don’t need an appointed board to run Lynwood Village CA.

    I’ll nominate you for whatever position you want 🙂

    I hope we get a lot of interest shown in this rejuvenation of our community association.

    Come on folks, show your determination to wrest control from RC and his gang of henchmen. It’s OUR community association – let’s regain control and don’t let them bully us again.

    – I’m not saying that we should vote anyone out – the LVCA should be a big-tent organization where EVERYONE is welcome (well, maybe not everyone – you should be a resident and NOT on the councillor’s payroll).

    The big question is “who gets to vote?” For example, does Harry, who doesn’t even live in Lynwood Village, get a vote? My guess is that he does, since Harry drafted the renegade board’s constitution.

    What about Rick? He doesn’t live in Lynwood Village either but he’ll be there trying to control the outcome.

  2. RWT says:

    I received the Lynwood Community Association flyer in my mailbox last week inviting me to “their” annual general meeting on Thursday 19 May.

    I would have thought that, if there were to be something as important as an election of a board of executives for the association, this should have been mentioned in the flyer.

    Many people will skip a regular association meeting but many more would attend a meeting where there would be an election of such representatives. I firmly believe this oversight was intentional so as to keep Lynwood residents from attending and voting against Chiarelli’s hand picked sycophants.

    I myself would not have known of this election had it not been for the small yellow paper from the bellscorners.wordpress. At this moment in time I am considering throwing my name in for a position in the community association. I have lived in Lynwood for over 49 years, went to Bell’s Corners Public school, D. Aubrey Moodie and Bell High School. I live here now because I love this community and take extreme exception to it being meddled with by some low level politician and his cronies. I would never be in Mr. Chiarelli’s pocket but would do my level best to be a thorn in his side. As I say, I am considering it.


    – My advice to you is – don’t consider it, DO IT!

    I plan on putting my name forward to be on the executive in some capacity. It’s someone else’s turn to be president, so I hope SOMEONE who isn’t in Rick’s pocket will be nominated and that a vote will be held.

    Don’t get your hopes up though – if Rick’s team doesn’t have enough people in place they’ll probably just postpone the vote once again.

  3. wanderer says:

    I agree, don’t consider it, DO IT! RWT for President, since he’s lived most of his life in Bells Corners, ottawaowl for vice president? Margaret for secretary/treasurer? Just suggestions. How many on the board in total?

    I’d be willing to be a volunteer on occasion, depending on health 🙂

    – Sounds good to me but it’s up to the people who show up tomorrow to nominate and elect an executive.

    Details of the new constitution remain secret, as is the identity of the person who drew up the constitution (probably Harry but maybe RC or someone from the City).

    It’s safe to say that the residents who are listed as the ‘interim’ executive did NOT draw it up – they probably don’t even know, or care, as they’re relying on advice from Fremp and Rick to handle nasty details like that.

    I wonder who delineated the boundaries of the new Lynwood Village Community Association?

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