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Who is this threat coming from? Is it RC, the City, maybe Ms. Persaud? Let us know what they think you did wrong, and if we can help, we will. No sense getting yourself in doo-doo unless it’s a question of principle.

Did you read of the new nonsense about Jim wanting to honour our first female mayor, who didn’t like immigrants, especially those of the Jewish persuasion? Was she Liberal too? Again, citizens are furious, but Council has spoken, and they won’t listen to the people who elected them.

How arrogant they are!

They aren’t there for the ordinary Joe – they’re only there to make themselves feel big and powerful, and to serve their Liberal masters, who, if they didn’t notice, went down to defeat in the federal election.

I can’t wait until the bloodbath in the provincial elections this fall.

– So you’re predicting that Dalton is toast?

Maybe, but at this point NOBODY knows what will happen when ordinary Joes like us get their chance to cast judgment on sleazy politicians like RC et compagnie.

Who would have predicted the Orange Wave?

Everybody is welcome to drop in to the Bells Corners Local Heroes today (Saturday) at 7 p.m. for an informal public meeting. Hope to see you there.

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One Response to wanderer writes

  1. wanderer says:

    After the last NDP provincial disaster, I doubt they’d be welcome back to govern the province.

    Greens? Methinks not.

    Hudak needs to become more visible, difficult with the Liberal-biased media, but not impossible.

    If he came down hard on justice being done at Caledonia, not one rule for the natives, and one for the residents of Caledonia, and told us exactly how he was going to undo the damage done by Dalton MqSquinty, he would be the man of the hour.

    – It’ll be another fascinating election, although it’s hard to imagine how it could surpass the momentous HarperMajority/OrangeWave/BlocSlapped/LibsToast federal vote we just experienced.

    Don’t count Dalton out just yet, and don’t say that Hudak can’t lose. In politics you just never know – ask Iggy, Gilles or RC!

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