read it and weep

‘Sanitized’ minutes from the April 12 Planning Committee meeting

The audio file is perhaps available, if we’re not talking Watergate.

I’ve been asked by the City to take down my Dear Natalie post because “someone has made a complaint.”

A complaint is always confidential, and rightly so (I guess), so I’m NOT suggesting that Alex, Rick, Doug Hempstead, Pierre Karl Péladeau, Dan Chenier or Stephen Harper could be the mysterious complainer.

I’ve indicated to the City that I’m prepared to comply with their directive (see email below) – I’ll take it down as soon as I have time. Getting out to vote is my top priority at the moment, but I should be able to remove the verboten words before midnight.

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6 Responses to read it and weep

  1. margaret says:

    Comments could remain if the names were removed maybe?

    Thought all this would have been public information.

    – I’m not taking any chances – I’d hate to have to alter my family budget to include $200-an-hour lawyers!

    • margaret says:

      You could ask if this would be acceptable.

      – I didn’t want to take a chance with something as touchy as this. RC and his City pals don’t fool around and won’t hesitate to use lawyers when they want their will imposed. Why would they – it doesn’t cost them anything, since the taxpayer pays.

  2. margaret says:

    …. the objective of the initiative, which was to provide BIA with one street name for the business split upon which to build their identity in order to compete with other west-end businesses.

    Note that the names of the e-mails are listed as public disclosure – so maybe they can be listed as yes or no.

    This whole thing annoys me so much … and that even with all that historical info against change they opted for change.

    LF should have recognition – as one said … maybe the new Barrhaven bridge could be called the Lloyd Francis Bridge?

    – It can’t be called The Bridge to Nowhere – the Bells Corners BIA owns the rights to it.

  3. TonyL says:

    Cripes, this crap is everywhere!

    This story doesn’t deal directly with the Bells Corners Lloyd Francis nightmare, but the last comment on the Sun’s board is:

    “This, along with the renaming of Robertson Rd, shows that this City Council should not be permitted to name anything!”

    – I used to like Charlotte Whitton before I learned that she frequented body rub parlours.

    When the Citizen last interviewed me I even listed her as one of my favourite politicians:

    Who’s been the best Ottawa municipal politician (including the pre-amalgamation municipalities) you know of? Why?

    – “There are many that I admire. In the good old days of Nepean, Gord Hunter got me interested in municipal politics when he came to my door and asked me my opinion (‘Is the noise from the free concerts in Andrew Haydon Park disturbing you, sir?’).

    That impressed me for some reason, that he took the trouble to ask me what I thought even though there’s wasn’t an election going on. And then he RAN to my neighbour’s house. So he was fit, a high school teacher and he consulted me. Right on!

    But I don’t really like his politics so I certainly wouldn’t call him the best.

    Charlotte Whitton was, for the most part, pretty cool. Marion Dewar of course.

    And let’s not forget former mayors Chauncey Ward Bangs and Napolean Champagne.”

    COPYRIGHT Ottawa Citizen

  4. TonyL says:

    I made a mistake, I only glanced over the article’s beginning quickly, as I was on phone at time (distracted) – I missed the best part at the end!

    “Heney is confused why the city seems to be taking a cavalier approach to naming assets.

    He pointed to the renaming of Robertson Rd. to Lloyd Francis Blvd. and a proposal to rename Wellington St. in front of the Parliament Buildings to Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd. or Macdonald-Cartier Blvd.”

    – And what about the renaming of Crestview Park for some politician, Hillside Park for another, changing Richmond Road in Bells Corners to Heroic Boulevard, and all the other renamings RC has up his sleeve?

  5. TonyL says:

    Coun. Rick Chiarelli whose ward is home to the new city archives in Centrepointe says he’ll likely oppose Charlotte Whitton’s name on the building.

    Hopefully RC now knows how we feel about staring at a name we don’t like.

    Karma is wonderful, isn’t it Chiarelli!

    Here’s a compromise, name the city archives Lloyd Francis, and give us back Robertson Rd.

    – I got confirmation yesterday that Rick calls up this blog every morning on his iPad while wolfing down his Shreddies, so I’m sure he’ll be happy to read of a constituent’s strong support for his wonderful policies.

    At least that’s how it’ll show up on his ‘poll’ – one more mythical supporter.

    I didn’t really know much about Charlotte Whitton – I was in diapers during most of her first mandate from 1951 to 1956 and I was in public school in Toronto during her second stint as Ottawa’s Top Dog (1960 to 1964).

    But I knew that she was a feisty and funny ‘feminist’ who loved to ruffle the old boys’ feathers, so I imagined her to be pretty cool. But after reading the Wikipedia article I’m not quite so much of a fan.

    Count me as a supporter of a more balanced Canadian Middle East policy, but even given the historical context of Ms. Whitton’s time, I have to admit that it looks bad for the old babe. Has RC tried to contact her descendants to see what they think?

    More importantly, what does Jim think? Is he going to stick to his guns in face of widespread criticism, or is he going to listen to residents?

    If he backs down on Whitton, how can he not back down on Robertson? Does he really want to choose dead Charlotte Whitton over live Jewish voters?

    I like Jim, but I can’t say I’m sorry he’s in hot water over this renaming gong show.

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