banner baloney

Stephanie writes: There are new “spring/summer” BIA banners out now. Any idea how much it cost to replace the blue winter ones? Are they going to reuse them eventually? How many other banners are we going to see? One for every season?

– Good questions! I asked Alex Lewis and he told me that all of the financial details are in the document presented to the AGM at the Holiday Inn.

Since I’m not a member of the BIA he wouldn’t give me any more of the ‘privileged’ information.

Maybe someone else can try to pry the info loose from the tight-lipped Mr. Lewis? You can try:

– phoning him at 613-618-1195
– emailing him at
– dropping in to see him during store hours (in the PriceChopper plaza)

I find the Bells Corners BIA banners boring – they’re all the same, they say nothing and they look cheap.

Montreal banners are better:

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One Response to banner baloney

  1. TonyL says:

    I admit to liking the spring ones better than the Winterlude-themed blue/white snowflake banners.

    Practically every time I see them, they always have that triangular wind-folded-over look.

    The bottom bracket should be like the upper bracket.

    And the BIA letters have got to go! Simply Bells Corners Welcomes You would be so much better.

    – Yes! The subtext would be “If you’re NOT in Bells Corners to spend money, or you’re just cut-through on the way to suburban sprawl, we STILL welcome you. We’re friendly folk proud of our community – please take the time to check out our many charms.”

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