piping in the photo ops

photo Jennifer McIntosh
OttawaThisWeek reporter moves in tight for the photo op.

I get in even tighter.
Alex Lewis, Scottish Guy, Nancy, Jay, Jon-Paul (RC employees)

The photo of Rick Chiarelli and Alex Lewis in jail has been removed because of a threat to sue my butt off.

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One Response to piping in the photo ops

  1. wanderer says:

    What the H… was that? Love the huge community involvement. Way to go RC and BIA.

    That’s how you consult and involve the businesses and residents of Bells Corners.

    And you wonder why there is such a kerfuffle about the alleged consultation about the name change of our major street.

    – I felt weird filming people, but every time that there’s a public event RC’s henchpersons are always filming, photographing and recording me and anything else that moves. So fair’s fair.

    I apologize to the two or three ordinary residents who weren’t there at RC’s behest (if you’re in the Youtube).

    Everybody else, except the tulip lady, appeared to be either RC office workers, former RC office workers, trusted media contacts, RC family members or big business owners. A representative sample of the Bells Corners community?

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