perjury, part 1 (raw footage)

I was hoping to make a single post out of the April 12 Planning Committee meeting, with a 30-second snappy Youtube.

But it’s getting late and there are so many angles worthy of comment!

I’ll just include the raw footage for now – part 2 will lead us to THE ACTUAL SMOKING GUN.

Sorry for the crappy sound quality, etc. – I wish I had come better prepared (an extra memory card, spare batteries, more nerve, etc.) – I didn’t expect that the meeting would be so rich in drama.

I missed all the best sound bites!

Jay, seen lurking in the background filming everyone (for their database?), is one of RC’s ‘constituency people’ so he could whip up a great 30-second Youtube for us.

This is all the video I have, but I do have the complete audio file.

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12 Responses to perjury, part 1 (raw footage)

  1. You really should be on Twitter!

    – Are you ALLOWED to be on Twitter if you’re a senior citizen? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

    • HA HA HA
      Yes, you’re allowed on Twitter! You’ll figure it out in no time.

      Note: The BIA has a twitter account. They started following me today. Must have done a search on Bells Corners to see who was out there.

      – I’m not sure that I would want to be followed by the BIA. I actually have a Twitter account but the only people following me are peddling access to secret Nigerian bank accounts.

  2. wanderer says:

    Has anyone read Earl McRae’s article in the Ottawa Sun today? Excellently written, and if anyone can post it to this blog, I’m sure those who don’t read the Sun would appreciate it.

    He doesn’t pull any punches, and I hope I can get him to keep writing about this until someone who has some influence on council (Hello, Jimmy?) will correct this huge error in judgment.

    Earl – you’re my hero!

    – I see him more as an anti-hero, a shinkicker who doesn’t like BS.

    I’m SO glad I signed up for a Sun subscription – I can put up with Doug Hempstead and Pierre Karl Péladeau as long as they give Earl free rein.

  3. margaret says:

    Dr. Bruce Elliott and a photo of Mr. Francis?

    – Dr. Elliott was AGAINST RC’s plot. Paul Francis had set up the photo of his dad before the meeting. He also used it as flip chart for the Francis family presentations, which seemed to go on forever.

    Under the huge photo of Lloyd (which had been used on other occasions to plug his book) there were maps showing all the parts of Bells Corners that were developed by the famous land speculator/Canadian ambassador to Portugal (I believe he was appointed by Lyin’ Brian).

    • margaret says:

      You had a different name for Bruce Elliott and the date on the video is Apr 22 not 12.

      – Omigod! Two bad bloopers in the same Youtube!

      Whoever was responsible for quality control was obviously asleep at the switch.

  4. TonyL says:

    This is even better than Spike TV!

    – I’ll have to take your word for it – I get all my tv from $20 rabbit ears and Spike doesn’t come in too clearly. I get about 5 or 6 digital HD stations though – perfect reception!

  5. Rich Littleton says:

    I guess RC has been caught telling a whooper about the mystery survey that everyone supposed to have received, but no one can remember seeing.

    He was also caught fibbing about about not knowing that John Robertson had descendants in the area.

    I have to wonder what motivates Rick to do this dumb things. Maybe there’s more to it than stroking the family of a dead Liberal?

    – I’m sure there’s way more to it, but we may have to wait for the juiciest bits until RC retires from politics to write his memoirs. It’d be the most interesting book on Nepean since Dr. Elliott’s book.

  6. TonyL says:

    When’s perjury part II, coming out? Should I make my popcorn soon? I can’t wait.

    What a cliffhanger!

    – You better stock up on popcorn – the Smoking Gun is coming! I can smell the cordite already.

    I’m NOT saying that RC’s a criminal. I’m NOT saying that RC will resign within the next two or three weeks. I’m NOT saying that RC staffers and ex-staffers will be canned.

    But you gotta shake your head in wonder at what’s been going on – ANYTHING is possible!

    Stay tuned. Maybe even Jim and Steve will be toppled from power by the Bells Corners Citizens Revolt, the biggest story in our community since the Great Bells Corners Fire of 1870.

  7. wanderer says:

    I’m sitting on the edge of my seat – don’t keep us waiting too long.

    WOW – the biggest story in our community since the Great Bells Corners Fire of 1870!

    – It’s open to debate. Some think that the Great Amalgamation of 2001 is the top Bells Corners story. Others opt for the birth of Ben Franklin, the patron saint of Bells Corners.

    Others may want to suggest their nominations for the TOP Bells Corners historical event of all time?

  8. Hey, I think it’s time for a survey, a real survey with a data tracker to get the real story. Yikes!

    I can build or

    It’s time to talk and take action.

    – Sounds good to me. Maybe we should all get together at a coffee shop and chew the fat and discuss what must be done?

    Why don’t we fix a date, a time and a location and just see who shows up?

    We could all put our baseball caps on backwards or wear something yellow so that we can recognize each other. Or we can adopt a secret password or handshake. Or we can just show up and have a laugh.

    But really, if we want to win this thing, we can’t dink around too much – time is of the essence! We have to strike while the thingamajig is hot!

    So consider doing something quirky like joining a citizens’ revolt!

    It’s free, it’s easy, and you won’t be gunned down by a dictator. Don’t you love Canadian-style democracy?

  9. wanderer says:

    Where and when? I’ll be there with bells on. It’s time we got things moving.

    A real survey would be great. I’m sending all of this stuff to my local friends who are interested, so let’s go!

    – Perhaps Thurs. May 5 at 6 p.m. at the Cock n’ Bull? (Manny is on the board of the BIA and he’s not a bad sod.)

    Or anywhere else – just about ANY time or place works for me.

    As far as I’m concerned, EVERYONE is welcome, as long as they have a pulse. Even Alex Lewis and RC. The more the merrier.

  10. wanderer says:

    I must have come in late on this discussion – tends to happen if you leave the city for a few seconds or more. Did anything come of this meeting, and will there be more meetings that I won’t miss??? Keep us up to date.

    – I’ll do my best to give you advance notice of all future secret/public and public/secret meetings. They can be real snoozers, especially if the people who control the meetings (bureaucrats, politicians) drone on and on, but they’re usually intriguing events.

    They would be even more entertaining if there were a neutral moderator instead of letting the foxes run the chicken coop. For example, the all-candidates debate at the Lynwood community building, (the one that Jay tried to break up) was moderated by the crowd itself. The result was a bit chaotic but totally satisfying in terms of entertainment value and grassroots democracy.

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