mysterious petition discovered

TonyL writes:
I found one of the local petitions! It’s located next to the BIA headquarters in the Goodwill Store. It’s on the counter with 380 signatures on it.

The petition is the ‘official’ one that was taken to other businesses and endorsed by the Robertson family.

I think it was mentioned in one of the many news articles, something like “as soon as we dropped it off five people wanted to sign it” or something to that effect.

– Nice sleuthing TonyL – a lot of people have asked me where they can find the petition. I was starting to have my doubts that it actually existed, but sure enough – you found it! I checked it out and here’s proof.

By sheer chance I ran into a woman, who knew a woman, who knew the person behind the petition. And yesterday she phoned me and I got the true remarkable story.

I really must make it a priority to blog about this citizen – it’s a fascinating story. If I want to scoop the big media I better get going – one of the senior journalists at the Citizen is VERY interested in her story and wants to meet with her and other disgruntled Bells Corners residents, especially people from the three community associations that RC claims to have consulted.

The thing is, Ms. Robertson is perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed by all this. She really is just an average citizen, and doesn’t really want to be the centre of so much attention. I asked her if she felt a bit like Joe the Plumber and she said “Joe Who?” perhaps confusing the Sarah Palin icon with our former Conservative PM.

Luckily for Ms. Robertson, many people have stepped forward to give her a hand, so this petition is going to continue to grow. If you live or work in Bells Corners you will probably get a chance to sign it before too long.

Ms. Robertson wants to retain what little shreds of privacy she has left after that Citizen story, but if you don’t know her personally, you can contact her by posting here. She had never heard of this blog (“Who has time to read blogs? I’m too busy earning a living and looking after my family to read blogs!”) and when she sprung into action she assumed that she was pretty much the only person in Bells Corners who felt so much outrage.

Far from it! She said she’s been overwhelmed by the number of people who have supported her and asked if she needed help (she does!).

She’s put a lot of effort into this and is starting to get fatigued, but her resolve is NOT shaken.

She really is just a very ordinary taxpayer, totally apolitical, and even, I would say, a fairly shy person.

Hearing about renaming the strip after a Liberal politician was just the last straw.

She was so fed up that she felt she just had to do something. She was very nervous about going into a Bells Corners business with a petition – can you blame her?

Ms. Robertson was flabbergasted by the reaction – people were falling all over her trying to sign it!

This thing has really touched a nerve, especially in Bells Corners, but also city-wide.

The latest withering attack on RC in the big media has fanned the flames and RC is definitely feeling the heat.

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11 Responses to mysterious petition discovered

  1. wanderer says:

    I’ll hunt down that petition and sign it today. Is it still at the Goodwill Store?

    BTW, I liked ottawaowl’s response to Earl’s article in the Sun.

    I jumped in at about the point where Craig had had enough of RC, and will stick with the blog until this is resolved and RC gives up.

    I sent some of the blog responses to Jan Harder and her fellow brave councillors as well.

    I’m glad that the Robertson family member is getting support, even though she is a bit overwhelmed. I hope she realizes that the support she is getting is genuine and heartfelt.

    – I don’t remember ever saying anything about “RC giving up” because he never will. At this point he’s probably still thinking that this is perhaps just a minor uprising that can be quelled by some intensive PR.

    A flood of taxpayer-funded ‘newsletters’ is a pretty potent weapon, the equivalent of Ghadhafi’s heavy artillery.

    Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much it costs to print those hefty suckers and mail them out to the 50,000 residents in College ward?

    Not all of the ‘newsletters’ are mailed, as Rick has ‘volunteers’ (his three daughters, four or five employees, Harry Splatt) to help him hand-deliver his propaganda to carefully selected homes.

    My guess is around $30,000 when you add it all up. I could be way out though – I’m just going by what John Campbell said (and he would know).

    Sounds about right, though.

  2. TonyL says:

    “One of the senior journalists at the Citizen is VERY interested in her story and wants to meet with her and other disgruntled Bells Corners residents, especially people from the three community associations that RC claims to have consulted.”

    Craig, I spoke to a board member of the Bellwood Community Association and he does not remember any meeting/contact at any time concerning the strip name change.

    Maybe you can contact the board yourself or relay the address to the journalist.

    – I talked to Bill, WECA president, and he’s willing to meet with the journalist and his colleagues. He’s available both afternoon and evening, so it’s just a matter of finding out what works for the Bellwood people and the Citizen journalist and setting a time and a date.

    This is NOT a back-room meeting à la RC, so you shouldn’t have to be a community association board member to get an invite.

    Gentle reader -consider yourself invited – time and place to be posted on this blog.

    The doomed Tim Hortons might be a good spot to convene?

    • TonyL says:

      Excellent! Of course you’ve seen the Citizen’s video of the Stillwater Retirement Home protest (awesome!).

      Maybe you should leave a comment, promoting our website?

      – I’m all over it TonyL.

      Thanks for taking shit like this seriously.

      Grassroots democracy is important, even if it’s often ineffectual.

      RC may triumph in the end, but at least we did our duty, right? While having fun.

  3. Riboman says:

    Here is some interesting information for you as stated on page 6 of the presentation report to council.

    “The proposed street name change for both phases of the initiative will require the replacement of approximately 27 street signs, including seven large overhead signs. The one-time replacement costs have been estimated to be $49,000. Public Works Department has stated that there are no provisions in the 2011 operating budget for replacing street signs.

    In the absence of funding, a one-time allocation from the 2011 provisions for unforeseen and One-time Expenditures is recommended.”

    In my dictionary and in the new Webster’s dictionary unforeseen means not seen or known beforehand, unforeseen or unsuspected difficulties.

    This is NOT an unforeseen expenditure or an unsuspected difficulty if, as Coun. Chiarelli says, he has been planning this for over a year.

    It should have been included in the 2011 operating budget but since Public Works advised there was no money for signs, the councillor had to get it somewhere.

    How can a group of people entrusted with taxpayers’ money approve this funding without questioning it?

    – Don’t blame the councillors – RC and City planners gave them the wrong information.

  4. TonyL says:

    Craig, the guy who lent you the PP sign you posted earlier- he wants you to drop in for coffee. He misses your laughs.

    – Tell him I’m on my way!

  5. wanderer says:

    Just got word that RC will be at Stillwater Creek Retirement Residence at 80 Robertson Road at 3:00 PM. If anyone can make it there to speak on this topic, go for it!

    I can’t believe he’s going to try to sweet talk all the little old ladies and gentlemen with his chubby cheeks and eyes-squeezed-shut smile into supporting him.

    These folks mostly won’t know the first thing about the name change, but they would all have to change their addresses for all their pension cheques, family mail, etc.

    I’m getting madder by the minute!

    – DON’T get mad, get even. Keep posting here.

    Anger is NEVER a good thing, even if it’s about something this outrageous. RC is no doubt a decent guy who has wandered off the straight and narrow because of the complexity of City governance.

    Let’s cut him some slack.

    • wanderer says:

      Why should any of us cut him some slack? He’s been a councillor for a long time, has had no other job, and knows very well how to spin any matter that he’s interested in.

      His idea of consultation is to choose a select number of his cronies who will agree with him, and a token number who don’t, and then say that a majority agreed with him.

      I’m sure he didn’t visit very many businesses, and I’m positive that he didn’t go door-to-door, as he said he did, to get feedback from all Bells Corners residents.

      The reaction at Stillwater Creek is the reaction of a majority of Bells Corners residents. I bet he was surprised at the negative response and the boos from these very upset seniors, who are mad as HECK.

      I think he’d better listen to them. He’d also be wise to say his mea culpas, be a man, say he was wrong, and find a way to backtrack and reverse this asinine decision.

      – I’m sure he would LOVE to backtrack, but I can’t see how he can do it without losing face big-time. Nope, he’s made his bed and now he’s going to have to LIE in it.

      My guess is he’ll just keep brazening it out and call in some of the big guns to bail him out, like Baird, Larry, Lisa, Pierre and even Jim himself. All these people owe him.

      Some of them may turn on Rick, but I’d be very surprised if Baird doesn’t fly to the rescue after May 2, once he’s finished crushing the opposition in Ottawa West-Nepean. Rusty and Rick and very tight – I think they even played together when they were Bells Corners toddlers.

      Let’s not get overconfident – RC has a HUGE taxpayer-funded machine at his disposal. People thought Gadhafi would be gone in a week, and we know how that turned out!

      Ordinary citizens CAN take down a professional politician, but it’s pretty rare. The key is getting a no-fly zone so that we have some protection from RC’s heavy weapons, and so far the journalists are providing it for us.

  6. margaret says:

    I have signed.

    Good for the seniors at Stillwater! They’re not happy either with the way this was done.

    If they had been consulted in the first place (like the rest of us should have been consulted) then this might never have happened.

    I’m annoyed with the reporting in the ‘local’ press (rags?).

    The reporters ignore residents who should be consulted and just report whatever info they’ve been fed.

    – Don’t blame Jennifer and Steph – they know who butters their bread (politicians’ ads/tips)!

  7. Laura Mahon van Schie says:

    Please think about heritage and the proud Robertson and Richmond names! We would be wiping out a part of our history by renaming these streets.

    It is much easier to keep it the way it is so we do not all have to change our addresses.

    I still remain against the renaming.

    – Hmmm, sounds like you might be a Stillwater resident? Did he bring doughnuts or pizza? How many of his employees were there? Was one of them filming it? Are you not afraid of being identified as an RC enemy? How’s he holding up – was he still bravely cracking jokes?

    It’s no big deal to be on his database NOW as an enemy, but if RC ever gets his majority we might all have to go into hiding.

    • margaret says:

      No she’s not – she’s younger than you and wants to save her/our heritage and respect for those who have gone before.

      There will be more t road name changes – this issue will affect the WHOLE southern leg of Richmond Road, including mostly residential homes, churches and businesses.

      In fact two of the heritage buildings – Als and Christ Church – will no longer be on their originally-named roads

      Heritage and history gone.

      – The manager of Al’s told me that it his building does NOT have heritage status, which is why he can ask $3.5 million for it.

      • margaret says:

        It might not have status and I don’t think the spa does. In fact not sure even the church does.

        – Even if a building does have heritage status it doesn’t mean that it can’t be demolished – look at the church on March Rd. and how much the horticultural building is a thorn in the Landsdowne developers’ side. It is a lot harder to do it though.

        If Al’s doesn’t have heritage status, then I doubt that ANY building in Bells Corners has it.

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