the smoking gun!

wanderer writes:
I’m still waiting for the slapdown of the Robertson family by the Francis family, and the Watergate tapes, so let’s not let other things get in the way, OK?

I got the ‘flyer/catalogue’ from RC today, and could hardly keep down my dinner. His explanation of the whole road name change episode was enough to make the average person barf!

He is so full of himself and all the ‘good’ things he has done for Bells Corners, that it’s hard, but not impossible, to believe the saga that has been ongoing in this blog.

I think I will send the whole thing to Pierre, and ask him to help us in this crude assault on a name that has been here for eons, on a man who was truly the beginning of Bells Corners, just to applaud a local Liberal politician whose main claim to fame was to make millions by buying all the property around Bells Corners to make a profit on what he knew was going to be a monstrous money-making development.

Sounds like a Liberal tactic to me.

So, whoever is doing the typing – faster, faster! I want it to be part of my message to PP, asking for help to prevent this horrible thing from actually happening.

Merci, and danke schoen!

– I steadfastly maintain that I am NOT a politician, but I guess I’m starting to act like one by not keeping my promises.

I heard the whoppers that the City planner and RC told at the Planning Committee and I wanted to get my hands on the public record so that we’d have the smoking gun.

Imagine my reaction when the City employee told me that there had been a “technical malfunction” and the audio tape (‘audio file’ would be more precise) was mysteriously blank except for the very last part of the meeting.

Was I disappointed that the smoking gun was missing? Not at all – the missing tape angle was even better, because of the eerie resemblance to the Watergate scandal.

The City employee apologized for the ‘glitch’ but she promised to get the techie guys to look into it and get back to me.

I thought “yeah, right, as if that’s going to happen” but I decided to wait until/if she got back to me before releasing my bombshell.

Imagine my surprise when she emails today to tell me that the techie guys had solved the problem and the audio file was available after all!

I now hold it in my grubby little hands – the actual smoking gun!

But I want to listen to it first before I release it, since I think I might have blown my appearance at committee. I had planned to crack a few jokes, act cool and do some sort of Rick Mercer impersonation.

But instead I probably came off as the crabby crazed complainer.

Or maybe not – I’m not sure that anyone actually listened.

Certainly the councillors were all ‘multitasking’ throughout the meeting. They get up, wander around, play with iPads, iPhones and blackberries, head off to the back room for some of Jim Watson’s timbits and coffee, chat with the journalists, flirt with staff, etc.

I don’t blame them – I myself was guilty of nodding off after the fourth or fifth member of the Francis family had taken to the mic.

It can be a brutal job – in spite of what I write here I have great respect for all politicians except for the most brazenly dishonest ones. It always amazes me that they cling to power so tenaciously – I guess the money, the pensions and especially the power must be addictive. Ask Gord Hunter, Clive Doucette, Alex Cullen or even Andy Haydon if their life hasn’t got better after they left the gong show at City Hall.

I’m not even sure of what I said at the meeting- it’s not that easy to speak up at council if you’re a newbie, especially with that scary RC worker filming me the whole time and looking like he wanted to throttle me.

The whoppers that I heard just before my turn to speak made me see red and I just started sputtering in outrage – one of Rick’s ‘bodyguards’ narrowed his eyes and prepared to spring into action.

I’ll see if I can edit out my ‘contribution’ to that fateful meeting, if it’s too embarrassing. Isn’t that what a politician would do?

As for the Youtube, my minutes and the Family Feud slapdown, I will deliver on that promise, but I need a bit more time – today’s events were even MORE amazing than yesterday’s. And I got them all on film too!

So it’s just a matter of priorities – which juicy scoop to dish out first?

Sorry to leave you hanging, but BIG NEWS is on the way, and I think that I can safely predict that you’ll be VERY happy.

By the way, my ‘hits’ are way up thanks to Rick’s blunder and the Citizen’s investigative journalism- I haven’t had so many visitors since that day I fooled Stephen Harper!

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3 Responses to the smoking gun!

  1. Rich Littleton says:

    RC is in today’s Ottawa Sun, saying that it’s about everything except honouring Lloyd Francis.

    RC at his funniest and most outrageous/most pitiful, stupidest, depending on how you look at it!

    Credit to RC for not being boring. It takes huge stones to spin BS like he does and keep a straight face, most folks would be afraid of their rapidly growing nose poking someone’s eye out for telling whoopers like he does. If you spin BS like this, don’t be surprised at the BS storm it generates.

    – I have NEVER accused RC of being boring! If you thought I was spinning when I wrote that I like Rick Chiarelli.

    If I could invite any three people for supper, it would be RC, Randall Denley and Andy Haydon. If one of them couldn’t make it I’d see if Bicycle Bob was interested.

  2. margaret says:

    I presented at one of those meetings with this ‘new’ city … and that was a planning meeting too (different players this time).

    Nearly every member was doing something else, so I just stopped mid-way through my presentation and waited.

    When they noticed that everything was suddenly quiet, I asked if everyone was ready so that I could continue.

    If nothing else, it is downright rude to do that to the people they are supposedly representing, and it showed they had no comprehension of what was being discussed by voting the way they did.

    – RC was the first councillor who was criticized in the media for playing on his Blackberry while he was supposed to be listening.

    But now almost all of them do it.

    Randall Denley recently tore a strip off RC, but it’s not the first time he’s teed off on the career politician:

    “It’s time for a little accountability. I’ve divided councillors seeking re-election into three groups: keep ’em, boot ’em and barely OK.”

    RC was in the Boot ’em group.

    “Some say the College Ward councillor is a fiscal conservative. Hardly. He’s a smart guy with a sense of humour, but he’s bored with his job and distracts himself at meetings by playing with his BlackBerry or having a snooze. Time to find a real job.”

  3. Ron Prince says:

    I’m against changing the Robertson Road and Richmond Road names.

    – I agree. If it were good for local businesses or public safety I would be in favour.

    If my first priority was to support the councillor, a few prominent BC business owners, Jim Watson, the Liberal Party, and the Francis family, then I would be totally in agreement with RC’s whacko idea.

    But at this point I have to vote NO, even if Alex Lewis offered me a deal- this whole sorry screw-up smells bad, worse than putrid fish.

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