sign wars in Bells Corners

After the Liberal candidate had complained so loudly about his taxpayer-financed signs being vandalized, I was relieved to note that there had been NO sign vandalism in Bells Corners because “residents here are just a bit more laid-back and tolerant than the heathens who live in other parts of Nepean-Carleton.”

Boy, was I wrong! It looks like the sign wars have invaded Bells Corners.

Not all of the vandals seem to understand the main idea – this sign on OLD Richmond Rd. is definitely NOT promoting a politician.

This sort of thing is, of course, unacceptable – vandalism is nasty.

Thankfully, the problem of political vandalism is teeny here in Ottawa compared to Montreal.

In Bloc ridings federalist signs are torn down and carted off to the landfill on a daily basis.

Separatist thugs force anglophone tourists to pay homage to the Great One.

In Liberal ridings Bloc signs are often defaced and found in garbage cans.

NDP signs take a beating everywhere except in Outremont.

Conservative signs only survive in Westmount (with a federalist slogan) and occasionally in Bloc ridings (with a Quebec nationalist slogan).

The signs that do manage to stay up are often “enhanced” with artwork, alternate slogans or just scribbled upon.

What a waste! Mind you, most of of our Nepean-Carleton signs are destined for the landfill too.

Such little respect for politicians in Montreal – even less than here!

What is wrong with those people?

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2 Responses to sign wars in Bells Corners

  1. TonyL says:

    I know who knocked down the signs in your photo.

    It was the ghost of John Robertson expressing his disgust with the Liberal politicians who are trampling all over his grave on Old Richmond Road.

    – Unless it’s the ghost of Lloyd Francis who would NEVER have approved of such a disrespectful, undemocratic action.

    LF isn’t buried in Bells Corners though, so it was more likely JR.

  2. What'sYourName? says:

    Maybe if the politicians set an example? Enough with the negative ads!

    Try selling us on your platforms and then doing it – wow, what a concept.

    – Not all politicians are as bad as RC. That Brian Mulroney guy was a straight-shooter, no?

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