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Should the Bells Corners strip be renamed Lloyd Francis Boulevard?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Craig,
    Since you have your finger on the pulse of Bells Corners, I was wondering if you had any idea what happened in Hillside Park yesterday (April 11)? The upper section was roped off with police tape, and there was a police car parked at the two upper entrances.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your humourous and informative blog – keep it up!

    – Thanks for your kind words, Mom.

    First of all, let’s hope that it wasn’t anything serious.

    Secondly, it’s no longer Hillside Park – the councillor has changed the name to something more RC-friendly. The official ceremony and the changing of the sign$ hasn’t taken place yet, but it’s a done deal.

    RC “consulted” at least 10 members of his Bells Corners team, so community consultation was checked off his list.

    I don’t know anything about yesterday’s incident – about what time was the tape there?

    Maybe the Bells Corners community police officer, Constable Montague, would be in the loop, but in my experience policepeople don’t like to spend their time satisfying people’s curiosity.

    The principal would have been informed, but usually they need school board permission before they give out info like this.

    This is not the first time that there has been trouble in that park – for example, my daughter and her boyfriend were verbally assaulted and physically threatened there by foul-mouthed thugs.

    The students are maybe partly to blame for all the littering (is it really that much extra work to use the garbage can our valiant City workers provide?) and, in at least one case, a disturbing graffiti message was (so I’ve heard) sprayed on the basketball court by a Bell student.

    A student or a teacher at Bell would probably know more.

    Happy sleuthing!

    • Chris says:

      The police roped off part of the park yesterday because a student was stabbed there by a fellow student.

      – Scary.

  2. David myles says:

    NO, why spend all that money to change what’s been there for years?

    – For political and financial gain (for RC and the big businesses in Bells Corners).

  3. TonyL says:

    I can’t believe the all too powerful unelected BIA of 8 board members can force this name change on the 10,000 residents who live here and call it home.

    Lloyd Francis, cripes, I’d rather have it named Alice Cooper Boulevard. 😉

    – I don’t think that was one of the names on the list, and Mr. Cooper would have to give his permission.

  4. wanderer says:

    NO – I sent a long letter to Ms. Persaud, and it will be presented at the meeting. If anyone would like me to post the letter, I’ll do my best to find it again.

    – Your letter wasn’t presented at the meeting but maybe it was in the huge sheaf of documents the councillors were given.

    It was clear from some the councillors’ questions that not everyone had taken the time to read them.

    Only Jan Harder and Shad Qadri tried to slow down the RC juggernaut a bit.

    • margaret says:

      I was unable to attend the meeting – what happened?

      – The same thing that always happens – RC ran roughshod over his opponents, even if the whole thing MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.

      So thanks for trying, Ms. Lodge, but welcome to big swinging-appendage style politics, RC’s forte.

      For a while there I thought we had a chance – so many eloquent and high-profile individuals spoke up against this madness.

      But the vote wasn’t even close.

    • wanderer says:

      Thanks for trying, Jan and Shad. You can’t force RC to change his decision once made.

      – He’s a veritable tsunami. Get between him and his objective and you’ll get trampled!

  5. TonyL says:

    I second what wanderer says. Also, Jan Harder, I’m sorry we lost you from Bells Corners and College ward.

    We’d be a lot better off if you were still our councillor.

    As for the BIA, this is a conflict of interest renaming Roberston Rd. I guess mone does talk after all. Just keep ignoring and disregarding the 10,000 people who call Bells Corners home.

    The BIA will ultimately succeed in helping many BC businesses – it’ll be the last straw that will push many of them to leave this now cursed area for good.

    – Well, at least the Francis family is happy, so not everybody lost today.

    This is the type of caper that gives politicians a bad name.

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