mystery photos 8 answers

Mort’s Pub (the best place in Bells Corners to meet blue collar workers and Maritimers)

Entrance Pool (more banned Nepean signs that will have to be replaced with bilingual City of Ottawa signs)

Lynwood Park Lodge

Ridgefield Cres. in Lynwood Village (new hydrant being installed)

Shoppers (Slick marketing but wouldn’t real windows be better?)

Vox (no sign of the Hilton yet! Anyone know what “zoned AM H(20) IP1” means?)

St. Paul H.S. (kids getting almost-free refurbished bikes)

Price Chopper plaza (a nice rack – one of the few places in Bells Corners with good bike parking infrastructure)

drugstore in the Giant Tiger plaza (gangs love to rob pharmacies to get their hands on OxyContin, an opioid drug)

Lynwood Village (no shortage of these critters in Bells Corners – he looks happy because he successfully got into a green bin)

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One Response to mystery photos 8 answers

  1. wanderer says:

    Darcy’s? BC pool? City workers replacing fire hydrants in BC? Shopper’s Drug Mart? contaminated property on the main drag? bike exchange? I recognize that face – he attacks our garbage pails and composter.

    – Half a point for the pool answer (Entrance Pool would have got you a full mark), half a point for the fire hydrant replacement (full mark for locating it on Ridgefield Ave. in Lynwood Village), half a mark for the Vox sign, and half a mark for the raccoon.

    That gives you two points and puts you in the lead for our grand prize.

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