political quiz answers

Identify the following famous Canadian politicians (finger puppets sold in a boutique in Wellington West, where they have nice banners, not dollar-store banners like in Bells Corners).

I’ll give you the first one, since he’s a native Bells Corners politician.
John Baird

Jack Layton

Gilles Duceppe

Justin Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau

Stephen Harper

René Lévesque Jean Chrétien (Lévésque would have a blue tie).

Olivia Chow (Layton’s wife and Toronto MP)

Michael Ignatieff

Paul Martin

Jim Watson (not a great likeness)

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One Response to political quiz answers

  1. Chris says:

    The John Baird puppet also looks kind of like Jean Charest.
    Jack Layton
    Gilles Duceppe
    Justin Trudeau
    Pierre Trudeau
    Ralph Klein (but it appears to be Harper)
    Olivia Chow
    Count Ignatieff
    Paul Martin? (also looks kind of like Mulroney, but he wouldn’t be wearing a red tie)
    ?? No idea.

    – Excellent work! 8/10 with only one wrong!

    I thought it would be tough to guess Olivia, and the last one is a toughie.

    You’re right – the Harper puppet does look like Klein and the Rusty puppet does look more like Charest than Baird, until you look for the clues.

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